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Your Questions About Google Images

June 5, 2013

George asks…

What is the google game where it gives you google images and you have to guess the word?

What is the name of the google game where they give you a bunch of google images and you have to guess the word that would enable all those images on the google images search?? It’s like 20 seconds and you have a few tries…
found it- it’s called Guess the Google

Administrator answers:

What’s the word?

Maria asks…

How to you get your pictures to show up on google images?

Like if you type in ‘Zephyr Elf’ her pictures show up on google images. How do you do that?
That makes sense, about some websites being less secure so your pics pop up. But what if you WANT them to pop up? For like a band or something. Is there any way you can choose pics to show? Or even get any of your pictures to show up by yourself? Or does it just happen?

Administrator answers:

Some websites that you post on are not secure an will display your images on a search engine. If you have a myspace I know I dis and when I googled my name all my profile pics would show up

Donald asks…

How to view ALL images in Google Images?

As Google does its best to get as crappy as yahoo, they keep making changes that are not improvements in any shape or form. The latest “upgrade” is awful. Now when you do an “image” search in Google Images, you get about 20 pictures and that’s it. I know there’s a way to view more, however I can’t figure out. I still don’t know why they think those “icons” are helpful in any way.

How do you view all the photos? Anyone know? Thanks.

Administrator answers:

In your Google images search results page. Click on the bolt looking thing in the upper right hand corner just below the sign in button. (This is a settings button). Click on search settings. Go to the Google Instant predictions and pick never show instant results. After this it will allow you to choice results per page. Then click save. Hope this helps!

Robert asks…

How do I make pictures show up in Google Images?

I keep uploading pictures with the jpg files being named after my name and they don’t show up on google images when I search for myself using my name.

The only picture that shows up is from my facebook profile.

I also posted them up on a few different forums, putting my name in the subject and body of the postings, but alas, no luck.

Any help?

Administrator answers:

You don’t. Google decides.

Richard asks…

Is it ok to put a google image on my online story cover?

I have a writing account online. Is it ok if I take a picture from google images and put is as my cover?

Administrator answers:

The problem with google images is that they pull pictures from all over. This image may be one that is under strict copyright, or it could be free for anyone to use. It’s not easy to tell. I would suggest using Flickr or deviantart instead. They have whole galleries of stock photos available for public use, just read the artist’s terms and give credit if necessary.

Mary asks…

I removed a picture from my website but it still shows up in google image search?

I removed a picture from my business website, but when the topic of the picture is searched in google, it still shows up in google images. How can I have this stop?

Administrator answers:

Google Images usually keeps that image saved under search results since it is still recent. It may take a few weeks or even months for it to change. It really depends if Google’s “spider” bot will ever re-check your business site again.

Until then, just wait.

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