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Your Questions About Google Images

June 7, 2013

Mark asks…

If you put a photo on Twitter does it end up on google images?

If you put a photo on Twitter does it end up on google images, and if it does are there any privacy settings so it won’t go on google images?

Administrator answers:

If the image has some meta tags or data yes it would end up on google images.

Sharon asks…

How do I get my photo on google images?

I want to type in my full name on google images and have my picture pop up, but how?

Administrator answers:

Pay me 10 bucks ill do it for ya

James asks…

How to delete facebook profile picture from google images?

Google webmaster tools won’t delete it, or other links to things i’ve commented on on facebook. I’ve deleted the comments i’ve made on public pages, but the profile picture i had at the time still turns up in google images. I don’t want my photos to turn up in google images, and i’ve deleted the links to every picture but they still show up, please help?
also how often does google do a crawl on facebook to deleted expired links? and will that delete links to old posts i deleted?

Administrator answers:

Deleting image from source may fix this …. In easy word removing Pic from facebook may pic this .. Since google is searchengine only index Content uploded in other Website

Michael asks…

How to save pics from Google Images on Android Iconia Tablet?

I want to save pics from Google Images for Tumblr but idk how to do it. Can someone explain?

Administrator answers:

Press and hold the picture on your screen. And then save them to your phone.
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Sandra asks…

How can I see the most searched for images on google images?

I am doing a research project and need to know how I can find out a list of the most searched for images on google images.

Ideally it would be a website run by google themselves updated reguarly which simply lists the most searched for images.

Administrator answers:

When you search for the image on google, click on “I’m feeling lucky”

Chris asks…

Why does my Internet forward itself to a Google images page?

For example, I am on Facebook or another site and as the site is loading it forwards me to Google images. Some are related to the site I was once in and some have NOTHING to do with it. I have run multiple virus and spyware scans and it keeps happening. Help?

Administrator answers:

Clear your browser from everything. Cookies, Temporary Internet files, even from the History. Reboot and try your Internet again. If necessary, reinstall your whole browser whichever you run. Did you try the same actions with another browser, by the way? Are you facing the same issue? Try to change browser…

Anyway, redirecting is a common (very common, as a matter of fact), symptom, of some kind of infection. But, you said you scan your system and nothing found. Try one thing more then: scan again once, but in safe mode. That’s the best way to be sure for the scan results.

Hope this helps

Joseph asks…

How can I remove a picture of myself off Google Images that came from a video off a deleted Youtube account?

So I posted a video of myself singing on Youtube and never deleted the video before deleting my account, and when I search my name on Google Images a picture from the video comes up! I have tried Googles content removal page, but because the ccount is deleted, there is no link, PLEASE HELP!

Administrator answers:

The reality is, I’m afraid, that you just can’t.

It isn’t even “just there” any more….

Click on your Start button, and select “Programs”, “Accessories”, & “DOS Prompt”…

When the little box pops up type “TRACERT YAHOO.COM”

After a moment you will see a list of all the server locations that have a copy of everywhere you have visited & everything you have posted during you CURRENT Internet visit…

Go to Google and search “How can I remove a picture of myself off Google Images that came from a video off a deleted Youtube account?” and the number one link will be to this question…but if you repeat the same search tomorrow, you will get more results because “web-bots” will have replicated this question on other sites…

Postings on the internet are FOREVER….

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