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Your Questions About Google Images

June 29, 2013

Ruth asks…

How do i remove my picture from Google Images?

I uploaded a profile picture for Twitter, and now if you search my name in Google Images, the thumbnail of that picture comes up. I really don’t like the fact that it’s on there.. is there any way to remove it?

Administrator answers:

Each time Google searches for an image, it searches the current servers that host the image. If it can’t find the image in the servers, it can’t display the image.
As for thumbnail, I think that’s permanant.

Robert asks…

why is my picture still on google images?

I had a picture on picasa web albums which I deleted so it wouldn’t be on google images anymore, but now that I’ve deleted its still on there; just you can’t go on the webpage it came from cos I’ve deleted it, and it says this file does not exist anymore. What happens is that when i search the image i find it on the results, then click on it and it’s still there but I can’t go on the webpage it comes from. But how do I permanently delete it? So it’s off the results and you can’t see it at all?
Thanks to anyone who’s helped!

Administrator answers:

You cant. Once you post something on the internet no matter what it is, it will always stay there. Haven’t you hear they saying “Once on the internet always on the internet”? Its only a picture so its nothing really private. Its not a big deal im on google also but idc cause its part of the internet.

Donald asks…

How do you put pictures from the computer like google images onto your AIM icon?

like if you want to put another photo from what they give you from like google images or your own self how do you do that? THANKS SO MUCH!!! <333

Administrator answers:

I just do it frm my iPod touch

Susan asks…

How do you see a full size image on google images?

I don’t know how to do it on the new google. I was viewing a picture that I liked on google images, how do you see the full size image of the picture? HELP!

Administrator answers:

Roll over mouse on the Image which image you what to see, Click on the right side mouse and select the View Image. You will see the Image actually size.

All The Best.

William asks…

How do you search according to date on Google Images?

I submitted this question earlier, but it got deleted I believe this is because one person answered, the question closed, then the answer got reported and deleted, so they deleted a question with no answer. Help me with that if you can, also, if you know how to search according to date on Google Images like in Web searches, please show me.

Administrator answers:

You can’t. Images doesn’t have a date option. As far as I know, you can only search by date in Web, Video, and News search.

Daniel asks…

How do I get my picture on Google Images?

I have a picture that I’d really like to share with Google Images. Anyone know how I can do that?

Administrator answers:

1. Publish it on the web (in an HTML document containing good meta data)
2. Wait until the indexer finds it

Charles asks…

How do I put pictures on Google Images?

There are some pictures that I really want to share with the world, so I want to put them on Google Images, since I don’t have a photobucket account. The only problem is, I don’t know how to… Could someone please tell me how to post images on Google? Please do not leave rude comments. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

You can’t put photos in Google images, those images are gathered the same way as search results are for Google, by their crawlers indexing sites and collecting data.

What you can do is Sign up for a Google account.
Then download Picasa from Google, it’s free (or any image hosting site, for that matter).
Transfer your pictures into Picasa, again pretty easy.
Publish the photos as public albums via Picasa Web Albums.
Use captions to help identify the pictures.
They won’t come up immediately on Google image search but they will eventually.

Good luck.

Steven asks…

How do you get your picture to appear on google images?

blehh, I have this perfect picture i wanna put up on Google images. I can’t find out how to do it. I even tried to Google it…that didn’t work =3

Administrator answers:

Google doesn’t host images. Google Images is just a search function.

Your best bet is to post the image to flickr. Make sure the image is visible to search engines in the settings.

And most importantly, make sure the image is properly named, location tagged, and key worded. Key wording is what Google uses to find your images.

Lisa asks…

Is there a tool to automatically (or manually) add google images to gmail contact?

Well, I am sure everyone have tried looking up their friends and contacts’s photo in google images. Now is there a way to easily add one of those images to gmail contact?

Then, of course, sync the contact to outlook and later sync it to my mobile.

It will make a lot easier for me to figure out who is calling me.

Administrator answers:

There is no tool to automatically add Google images to your contact. Sorry.

Good luck!

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