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Your Questions About Google Images

July 8, 2013

Steven asks…

Would it be illegal to use a tattoo design I found on Google images?

If it’s on Google images, it means it’s free for the public to use it however they want, right? Or would it be copy right infringement?

Administrator answers:

Asking as Its not signed by the artist your fine but even then all the tattooist has to do us change tiny details so isn’t not exactly the same
Also 9/10 the artist would be happy you got their work tattooed on you, it’s kind of a good sign that their doing something right for someone to want their work on their body forever

Lizzie asks…

how do you delete browsing history for google images?

i can’t find stuff easily on google images cuss i have so much searches, anyone know how to clear the data?

Administrator answers:

Clear IE History 5.5 A little tool that helps user to clear the history in Internet Explorer

Chris asks…

How do you get Google to remove a picture from their Google Images search site?

There is a picture of me from an old and deleted Myspace account that keeps popping up on google images when I type in my name. Myspace has not been helpful in taking down the picture after an year of emailing the webmaster. How can I remove the picture from the google search?

Administrator answers:

Don’t expect help from Google they are just indexing public information, the Myspace webmaster could get the listing updated expedited after removing it on their end. Unless there was something illegal or scandalous you may have no leverage.

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