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Your Questions About Google Images

July 13, 2013

Steven asks…

How do I get my pictures off of Google Images?

When I search my name is Google Images, I see various pictures of myself from profiles I have from different sites. I see my Facebook picture, my Twitter picture, and my picture.

I would like to get rid of these for privacy reasons. It’s also a little creepy seeing yourself on the internet in places you’d least expect it.


Administrator answers:

Once you post images anywhere online, Google identifies tags or key words which it puts into its program and displays. Its just like when you type in a key word for anything/anyone else. Sorry, but there is no way to remove your pictures anymore. You could try emailing Google, but they probably can’t remove it either.

William asks…

Is it illegal to put pictures from Google Images onto YouTube videos?

If I used Google Images to get pictures to put into a video that I put on YouTube, would I be breaking the law? Would it be copyright infringement or anything that is illegal?

Administrator answers:

I might be ok if you list your sources like in a works cited page or if you got permission from the person or place that owns the image.

Daniel asks…

how do i make a youtube video out of google images?

i want to make a youtube video for a song out of only google images? so there would be no video camera involved at all…and i need to get the song in the video AND the pictures. do i need any kind of software or anything? do i need to buy something?

Administrator answers:

Use Windows Movie Maker.

Lisa asks…

Can you get a virus from google images if you’re on an android device?

Can you get a virus on google images when you’re on an android device? Because I clicked on an image of a credit card on accident like twice when I just wanted to see how many digits a credit card has. My antivirus says that my phone is fine but I’m still worried. Is my cell phone ok?

Administrator answers:

Forget about the credit card.

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George asks…

How to search for a profile from google images?

If u have ever watched catfish than u know nev will take a photo and somehow drop it into google images and it will pull up any other person with that picture.

That’s how he finds who is using other ppls photos to lie to ppl so I wanna try this any idea on how he does it

Administrator answers:

Google made the policy decision to not offer facial recognition services to protect privacy, image matching will find identical copies of a portrait, though Google can’t access personal Facebook pages.

Catfish investigations probably find the publicly accessible face images that the faker copied into facebook.

Go to Google, Image search tab, then click the tiny camera icon to upload or link to an example to be matched. has much the same service.

Mark asks…

Is it possible to completely get rid of the Google Images option from the Google page?

The google front page and all of its options are so famous now that I feel it is impossible to get rid of any of the options. If anyone here has gotten rid of google images or knows how to please tell me.

Thank You!

Administrator answers:

No, that is not possible


Mary asks…

How to delete an image from google images that infringes my copyright?

i noticed there is an image of me on google images that i do not want there. I did not give anyone permission to put it up and i am wondering how to get it removed

Administrator answers:

Contact the actual website that it is on.

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