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Your Questions About Google Images

July 16, 2013

Sandy asks…

How serious is copyright infringement for google images?

I started a new business (really small) only known locally and I used a couple of google images like an eagle other random photos. Should I be worried about copyright infringement. Thank you. :)
On the business website.

Administrator answers:

You absolutely need a license to use ANY copyrighted work for “commercial advantage or private financial gain”, as otherwise it is a federal crime. 18 USC 2319.

Ignore the answer that misspells copyrights and perpetuates the myth that when you have a copy or can access a copy you might somehow also magically give you anything remotely like a copyright. Only the COPYRIGHT owners have the unrestricted right to make copies, distribute copies or publicly perform their copyrighted works. Assume EVERYTHING on the web is copyrighted, unless you can prove otherwise, and you’re off to a good start at keeping within the law.

Ruth asks…

How can I link my blog to Google image with a picture representing it?

When I go on Google image,I lcik neat Club Penguin pictures.When I click them,they link to blogs!How can I do this?

Administrator answers:

All the images you see in Google Image are actual images that Google found in a webpage. It goes with any of the images. You click them and it takes you to the site which Google found the image on. So if you want your site to be associated with some images, put the images in your blog as you normally would and let Google crawl your site. It will pull out the images and put it in Google Images for others to see. When they click the image it will then go to your site because that is where Google found the picture at.

Hope this helps!

Paul asks…

How do I make images pop up, like in google images?

HI, my dad is creating a website, and he wants some of the images to pop up like in google images, so they can get a better view. Is there way to do this?

Administrator answers:

Lots of ways:

Example: Download Code:



Joseph asks…

Where can i search pictures apart from google images?

My school banned searching on google images because google changed its laws so that anything searched on google images will be associated with any info involved with any key words used to find the images.

Administrator answers:

Bing images

Donna asks…

How to remove my picture off of google images?

I have a twitter…but every time I google my name in google images my twitter profile pic comes up and i dont want the whole world seeing my picture so is there any way i can take it down..lmao

Administrator answers:

Nope. Once it’s on the internet, it’s there forever. If the picture you’re seeing on Google Images is being pulled directly from Twitter (you see or whatever Twitter-related domain they use as the image location), change your profile picture. That’s about all you can do.

Mary asks…

why wont google images work on my ipod touch?

i go to safari and go to google images and by default it is in mobile version, which i like better than classic version. i type in for example: tiger. and i click search. it loads but theres a bunch of gray boxes where pictures are supposed to be. it has been like this for a while now. my internet and ipod are fully updated and idk why this is happening. please help?

Administrator answers:

Check to see if your java is turned on

Lizzie asks…

how do i stop my internet browser from automatically going to google images?

Whenever i open my internet browser and go to youtube or myspace or something, it loads the page then right away gos to google images. its seriously frustrating cause i been wanting to upload some videos and phots to youtube and myspace but i cant. do i have to update my browser or something? is there an add on i need to make this stop?

Administrator answers:

I have had something similar to this happen to me before, and it was because my computer was infected with some sort of virus. My homepage would keep changing, and I could not change it back. My advice is to scan your computer for viruses and spyware, and that might fix it. If you need to download an anti-virus type of program, go to, they have many good anti-virus utilities that are free.

Laura asks…

How come google images has not been sued yet for displaying copyrighted images?

There are several warnings that bloggers should avoid using images from google images because they may be copyrighted, but yet google images displays these copyrighted images.

Administrator answers:

Duh, because the people holding the copyrights put them there?

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