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Your Questions About Google Images

July 20, 2013

Nancy asks…

How can you take a picture off google images and put it as your twitter backround?

how do i get a picture off google images and put it as my backround picture

Administrator answers:

Here is how you do it>>>
Go to ‘change background image’ select the picture you want and set it as google backgrong then on the google home page right click on the page/copy/paste on your desktop)))
Hope this helped)))

Laura asks…

How can I delete photos from google images?

How can I get photos of google images resuts. I deleted the pages they came from, but they still show up. Most of them are from which is an instagram viewer, but on a regular computer. I won’t be specific which photos they are, but can some one give me advice? I know it’s my fault for posting them and once something is on the internet it’s their forever, but I just want to know what I can do.

Administrator answers:

Google will eventually refresh and they will disappear soon.

Daniel asks…

How do I post pictures on google images?

I have an account but I dont know if you can even post pictures on Google images

Administrator answers:

To have your images included in Google images you must have a web site. From there you need to optimize your web site and images for the particular image search terms.
E.g. If someone is searching for Ferrar pictures and you have a web site all about ferraris and have named the images ferrari-pictures.jpg, then there is a good chance your ferrari images will show up in the google image search results.

Joseph asks…

How do you view images on google images?

Usually on Google Images when you click on an image it will take you to the website it comes off, and have a white box at the top with the picture in, so you can maximise it. Mine is only taking me to the website the picture comes from. How can i get the box at the top back? Thankyou :D

Administrator answers:

Well first you need to take your computer and put it in the oven (preheated to 350*). But first you need to marinate it for 3 day and mix it with milk. Then cook for 8 days.

:) ur welcome

Mandy asks…

How do you delete pictures off google images?

there are pictures of me on google images that I don’t want on there. the pictures are from my old myspace account and I have deleted that account, but the pictures are still on there? does anyone know how I can get rid of them? :/:/:/

Administrator answers:

Iif you deleted your account on Myspace, your cached images on Google will be removed soon. Please wait.

Lizzie asks…

Is using images from google images for publishing illegal?

I am working on publishing a book. However, I need a cover for it. I do not have a good camera to capture my own images, and besides, I don’t know how I would quite capture what I have in mind. So I am wondering, Is it illegal to use images from google images for that purpose? I will most likely save the image, and then I am going to put the title and my name and stuff over it. Thanks!
~ Jeep’n Jeeper

Administrator answers:

Well 90% of the time its illegal. I say that because there maybe some pictures where are under the General License as old paintings and such. But yes for the sake of publishing its more then likely if its a respectable publisher he will not publish the cover if their is a risk of copywrite infringement.

Google images only indexes images, it doesn’t show “free” images. It cannot differentiate between copywrite and whats not. I am sure if you search for Royality Free Images, you may get better results.

Also note if you “buy” an image, that also does not entitle you to “publish” the image for profit. You will need to get a special redistribution license from the author. Because alot of these are alot of headaches to go through. Their are special websites which meant for such things such as.
Alot of licenses require royality licensing which they require payment per book.
In some cases it maybe $1 per book, in other cases it maybe less. Its really based on the expected demand of the book.

Also if your having problems with a cover, talk to your publisher, they have lots of contacts and artists which can get you a legal image done.

Here are some good sites to look for images.
I Stock is probably one of the most famous

Shutter stock also another great site

Another option is

They really don’t sell royalty licenses, so you will have to message and talk to the artist directly about publishing. Most of them are pretty nice and would love to have their image published [for a cut of course, but you get some real talent from them]

Betty asks…

I’ve tried numerous times. How do I turn OFF safe search on google images?

I am an adult trying to use google images to search for adult photos. For whatever reason my computer is suddenly locked in the “safe search” mode when I am going to google images. I have tried numerous times to turn off the safe search option to no avail. Can you please help me resolve this frustrating computer problem?

Administrator answers:

Here’s how to control SafeSearch::

1.) Visit the Search Preferences page.(
2.) In the SafeSearch Filtering section, uncheck the checkbox to not filter sexually explicit video and images from Google Search result pages, as well as results that might link to explicit content.
3.) Click Save Preferences at the bottom of the page when you’re done setting your preferences.

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