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Your Questions About Google Images

July 29, 2013

Mary asks…

What determins google images and how to change them?

Sounds abit confusing but i mean: When you type your youtube channel name into google images the first images show up are the thumbnails you’ve used but the rest are related to my youtube but not do i change these images? and add them?

Administrator answers:

To change photo sizes for eHow articles or other online projects you can use Picasa’s … On your computer you can install Picasa 3 from Google FREE from the website listed. 2 … Before you actually export them to the new file it will ask you the following. 7. ‘Image size options’ click resize to the number of pixels you want.

William asks…

Is there any way of uploading pictures onto Google Images?

I want to upload a picture onto Google Images, one of my friends has pictures on Google. How would I go about doing this?
I know some people say you can’t, but then how come some people have managed it? I have an account on Google. Pleaaaase help :)
Thankyouuuu x

Administrator answers:

Images that appear on are a result of google’s automated content bot indexing a website.

There is no formal place to “upload” an image. You’d need to manage a site and then make sure your site is well optimized for S.E.O. Once that happens, google will start visiting your site regularly and then begin to index the images.

This all matters if the site is written in html or php and not a full flash site. If the site is a full flash site, then google will completely ignore it.

Hope this helps!

Michael asks…

How are there able to be pics of GTA 5 game play on google images?

I typed in GTA 5 in google images and it came up with some screen shots of people playing GTA 5. How are they able to do it the game hasn’t even come out yet.

Administrator answers:

Maybe just promotional images?

Carol asks…

Is it legal to get album art from Google Images?

I have music in my iTunes library that doesn’t have album art. Is it legal for me to download album art from Google Images?

Administrator answers:

Nope. Just drag and drop the image in. Its by no way illegal, just how you got the music can be ‘illegal’. I’m sure you never do that ;)

Paul asks…

How do I get my facebook profile picture on google images. My cousin and my girlfirend have theirs on.?

I want to know how to get my Facebook profile picture on google images as my cousins and my girlfriend have theirs on if you type their name in.

Administrator answers:

Google Images automatically picks up images. Be patient. It takes a while sometimes. There’s really nothing you can do but wait. Google Images picks up Facebook profile images — though not instantaneous

Mandy asks…

How do I use a Google Image image as my computer’s desktop picture?

I have a Mac and I would like to know how do I put an image found in Google Images as my desktop’s background picture? If I right click and select “Use Image as Desktop Picture” it comes out all blurry. I’ve tried using the advanced search and clicking on “Use my Desktop Size” but it still doesn’t work. Any ideas on what to do?


Administrator answers:

What you need is an image – with large dimensions Width W x Height H
expressed as W x H – 1000 X 750 and test what works.

Get a bunch of images and save them to your computer – in a folder different
sizes – even maybe a picture you Took.
The size of the image is shown look for it.
Dnt pick thumnails 90 x 75 way too smal

There is a tool ” irfanView ‘ free that you can use to resize images

Aside from image resizing – irfanView is a great tool for many other projects -
learn to use it you won’t believe what this free tool can do.

Joseph asks…

Is using google images in company ads illegal?

I work at a small private company as a “computer guy”. I often create advertisements (all are email blasts and on the website). I only have been doing these ads for my boss for a couple weeks. He asks me to get backgrounds and designs from google images (no credit is given). I am wondering if and how illegal this is. I originally asked him about this and he said it was ok and he said not to worry about it. Should I ask him about it? Should I suggest something like paid stock photos? How should I approach this? Am I personally liable?

Administrator answers:

You should probably re-post this in the correct category. A law category would be best.

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