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Your Questions About Google Images

August 3, 2013

Donna asks…

What are some random and unrelated images you got in a Google image search?

For instance, I looked up my high school on Google Images and some of the pictures it gave me were:
-fake $500 US banknotes
-The logo of Visa
-Re-Max hot-air balloon
-An arrow pointing downwards
-Gordon Brown
-A mugshot
-A pig in mud

And these were on the first ten pages. I’d rather not know what it would give me afterwards.

Anyway, what are some completely irrelevant images Google has given you on an image search?

Administrator answers:

I look up elephants and get a guy with a big nose.

I look up Youtube and get lots of women in bikinis….

I look up ducks and get ex- President Bush’s head on a duck and a skeleton of an alien.

I look up video games and get some fruit and a piece of pie.

I look up pie…. And get lots of yummy pie. And cake.

I look up my school and get:

- A guy jumping into a river
- An old shack somewhere in Australia
- A heart?
- A christmas tree
- Edward Cullen(I have no idea….)
- A nun playing the electric bass…..
- Lots of stuff in hebrew
- Hogwarts
- A grizzly bear
- Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato(Ummm….)
- Happy Grandparents Day!
- A bowl of what appears to be salad with chocolate chips.

Joseph asks…

Does anyone know what happen to google images search?

Last week or so google updated the google images search to new interface with bigger pictures and when you hover over it well it made the picture bigger and there was text behide the picture.Now google whent back to the old interface !! Why is that?

Administrator answers:

You’re viewing Google Images in ‘Basic Version’. Scroll to the very bottom and select ‘Switch to Standard Version’. This will bring you back to the new Google Images layout.


Mandy asks…

why does google chrome always crash when i go on google images?

i have google chrome and whenever i try to go on google images this thing pops up saying that google chrome has crashed, restart? blah blah blah, what can i do to make it stop this?

Administrator answers:

Download & Use Reginout

Mark asks…

How do pictures get on google images?

it’s basically all in the question. you post the picture on a website, then how does it come up on google images? thanks.

Administrator answers:

The image is indexed.

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