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Your Questions About Google Images

August 7, 2013

Linda asks…

Is anything on youtube and on google images in the public domain?

I have used Youtube videos and google images to make homeschooling videos for students I know privately. I now want to market these videos to the public at large.

Administrator answers:

I suggest you use a Creative Commons licence, for images you can use Flickr or Wikimedia Commons (the licence should be picked up by Google Image Search).

For Flickr, see:

For Wikimedia, see:

People can search for images that can be re-used using Advanced Search in Google Images, see:

You can also apply a Creative Commons licence to YouTube videos, the following links should help:

Thomas asks…

How to search a photo on google image?

You know that show Catfish and how Nev always takes the photo and puts it into google image to see where else the photo exists. Yeah, How do I do that?

Administrator answers:

Just google it- >google image search- >click on search images and it will give u directions and even show u a video on how to use it.

Mark asks…

How to get your photo on google images?

How do u get ur photo on google images they are already on Picasa and blogger and I have made then public like a year ago but they won’t show up. Help?

Administrator answers:

If your web graphics are optimized for Image search engines like Yahoo, Google or MSN, they can be a nice alternate source of traffic to your website. But unlike regular web search where we know how search engines rank content, the rules associated with Image search rankings are very different and often based on assumptions.

Mandy asks…

My myspace picture is still on google images?

My myspace got deleted a couple days ago but when i type my name on google images, my profile picture is still there. When i click it, it shows the picture even though my myspace is deleted. Why is that?

Administrator answers:

Anything you post on Facebook or Myspace as soon as it gets uploaded it belongs to them. It will never go away even if you delete it, sorry.

Donna asks…

Is using pictures off of google images allowed?

I have a Wattpad account, and when making a cover for my story I used a picture I found on google images, then edited it.

You might ask why i didnt just take a picture. Well the answer is simple. Say I wanted a picture of an elephant on the cover, I can’t exactly travel to Africa just to take a picture of an elephant.

So my question is, do I need to give credit to the websites the pictures came from, or are pictures posted on the web fair game?

It seems like this should be allowed since saving the pictures to your computer is an option. But I wanted to make sure I wasn’t doing something illegal by accident.


Administrator answers:

I suggest to look it up on (a stock-image website) where you can get free images which the photographer has allowed you to use on the internet. :)

John asks…

How come ‘Google Images’ can show copyright protected images?

As asked in the title. How come Google Images has the rights to display copyright protected images or don’t they have the rights? Have Google ever been sued for displaying a copyright protected image on their site?

Administrator answers:

Yes they have been sued several times over it.

Google uses a crawler to dig through the internet and index any material it encounters. Copyrighted material is bound to get caught in that mix. To be completely honest, anything that is a unique creation that is published in any capacity is considered copyrighted so by creating this very post we have created copyrighted content. However, based on the Yahoo TOS and our own personal understanding of what we are doing, we don’t place any claim directly on this content.

Google generally gets by with posting this content, as long as the content does not require a subscriber access, under the fair-use clause. They are not claiming any of the content is theirs and they are just providing the interface and means to accessing that content.

Lizzie asks…

How do I put a picture of myself on Google Images?

I’ve been trying and didn’t try out well. I know Flickr does that. But just how do put images of yourself so it appears on Google Images?

Administrator answers:

You’d need heavy traffic visiting your photos on Flickr. Usually images that appear on Google searches are the ones that are popular or really revelant to search phrases.

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