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Your Questions About Google Images

August 7, 2013

Richard asks…

how do i refine google images search results?

I have been looking for local pictures of Liverpool (NSW Australia) and when looking on google it bombards you with photos of Liverpool (UK) how can i switch google images to be from Australia only? (other than putting it in the search question) any other tips on searching for historic photos?

Administrator answers:

Adding negative exclusions: Liverpool -england -uk
reduced the number of results to about 30% of Liverpool alone.
To have that much effect they might be examining the entire page containing the image.

Linda asks…

How to prevent my picture from showing on google image search?

I have deactivated my facebook account, and before deactivating went to
Privacy Settings > Apps and Websites > Edit Settings.
Scrolled down to Public Search and click Edit Settings.
Unchecked the “Enable public search” box but my picture still shows up in google image search.

Administrator answers:

If the image in Google images is from your Facebook and you deleted the Facebook account, you’ll need to wait a couple weeks at least for Google Images directory to update. It will spider Facebook and find your profile missing and remove all images associated with that account.

Lizzie asks…

How do you delete what you’ve typed in on google images without it coming up again?

google images say you typed something & you dont want it 2 pop mup again how do you get it off?

Administrator answers:

Unfortunately, you have something in google that remembers everything that you type into it. (I cant remember what it is called)

If you do not want anything remembered, delete your history.

If you want only parts of the history deleted, just delete all the google history.

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