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Your Questions About Google Images

August 14, 2013

Chris asks…

How do you publish a picture to google image?

How do you publish a picture to google image? I have sprites…

Administrator answers:

Google Images is not a picture uploading service. You need to have a website and make relevant words for the picture on the website and submit it to google.

Otherwise, you can upload to Flickr or Picasa

Laura asks…

Can you input a picture into a search and then it would search for the image throughout google images?

Like can you use a search engine that makes you look through your documents for a photo and you find the photo. It then looks at the photo then searches for that image in google images or somewhere on the internet. I basically want to see if I can locate where a photo I found on facebook was originally located. Thanks !

Administrator answers:

Great thought, but unluckily there is no technology currently available to search for photos on the internet or on your local system. I heard that Microsoft is working something like this. When you give a picture to the search engine, it will give you all the details of that picture. This technology is a future thought. So just wait for that but don’t ask me how much time it will take. :-)

William asks…

How do you hide an image from google image search engine?

I got an image from google but I don’t want someone else to trace it back via google images. how can this be done?

Administrator answers:

You can’t do it except you is the owner of that image.

Daniel asks…

On google images, where can I found out how good resoloution it has?

I read that for a high quality picture you need high resolution pictures, and they said that it says underneath the google image, but I couln’t see it?
Where is it?

Administrator answers:

On the results page, under each image result, it will say something like:
550 x 400 – 63k – jpg

It is the 550 x 400 that is the resolution. It means it is 550 pixels wide and 400 pizels tall. Of course, other images are likely to have other values.

To answer your question, the resolution is the numbers under the image result.

Thomas asks…

Can a youtube partner use a google image for their background?

Can a youtube partner copy and paste a image from google images as thoer backgrounds? Or will you get in trouble for it?

Administrator answers:

Why not?? If it is not copywrite protected[:P]

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