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Your Questions About Google Images

August 16, 2013

Michael asks…

How to go to next page in Google Image Search using keyboard shortcut?

I use Google image search extensively. Clicking mouse every time to go next page is boring. Is there any keyboard shortcut to do so?

Administrator answers:

Why need the shortcut when u have longcut

Mark asks…

On my blog can I use pictures from google images?

I dont want to get sued or anything like that, but what should I do about pictures on my blog? Can I just take them from google images?

Administrator answers:

Google doesn’t own those images. To find out who does, you need to go to the site with the actual image and check out their copyright info. That being said, the overwhelming majority of images out there are someone’s property. Thus, honor should prevent you from using them unless you can get permission, and if not, you certainly could be sued. If you use anything from Corbis, Getty, etc., they would be very likely to take action if they notice, and their images are protected by digital watermarks that make it pretty easy to prove infringement. Also, bear in mind that if you don’t know the original source of the images, you could very easily be using such a commercial image without realizing it.

The safest thing to do is to find a site that offers free or low cost images from hobbyists, etc. Who aren’t in it for the money.

Nancy asks…

How google images gets pictures on it?

So how come when you google image your friend or yourself sometimes ( depends on the person) a picture that they/you have from facebook shows up? How does it get on there?

Administrator answers:

Well I imagine sometimes they crawl fb and other social sites by name, but if you search for instance moon and image, you will see most of them have the word moon in the image name. So moon + they add jpg, gif etc. Automatically

Thomas asks…

Can you get a virus by copying/pasting an image from Google Images?

I use google to make textures for sketch up A LOT so I’d like to know if its safe to take an image from the Google Images page, paste in in my library or a word document, and use it. Safe or not?

Administrator answers:

Virus no. Use it possible not. Depends on the image. It is down to copyright and ownership. Sometimes you may be able to reference where you get the image which the owner is ok with. Generally if for personal use and your eyes/family only then “most” people will copy and paste

Paul asks…

How can I publish my photos in google image search?

Many times, I tried to publish my photos in google image search. But I can’t do it.I want to get my photos in google search By the words in 1st “Saiful Islam” or “01917992145″.
Have here Anyone who solves My Problem.

Administrator answers:

If you want your images to be indexed by google images, you will need to upload them to a website. When you do this, make sure that your alt tags are properly used to give it the name your images would be looked for. You can do this through multiple sites. Facebook and other social media sites are good ones to use, but your own personal site is probably the best one, because you can control the alt tags better.

David asks…

My pictures are showing up on Google Image. Is there a way I can request that they get taken down?

My deviantart pictures are on Google images. Is there a way they can get taken down?

Administrator answers:

Thats werid, did you put them up, if you didnt, that is so creepy..

Richard asks…

what should i do to make my images appear in google images?

If someone gives my name and searches in google images, my image should appear in the search result. Is that possible?

Administrator answers:

If your site is popular enough then its images will appear in Google Image Search. You can also help it a bit by signing up at Google Webmaster Tools and opt into the “Enhanced Image Search”. Then Google will use tools such as Google Image Labeler to associate the images included in your site with labels that will improve indexing and search quality of those images.

Mandy asks…

Does copying and pasting a picture from Google images count as plagiarism?

I wanted to change my picture, and I was wondering if it was okay to copy it from google images? does this count as plagiarism?

Administrator answers:

If you are using the picture for public use such as a PowerPoint for a class or in a paper for a class (unless cited), then Yes it is plagiarism. If you are using it for personal use such as taping it to your wall in your room then No it isn’t. In your case I would have to say Yes, unless you got permission from that person to use it or you cited your resource somewhere.

Lizzie asks…

Can I take screenshots and cover art for video games found on google images and put them on my website?

I’m starting a video game website, and there’s lots of good images and what not of video games posted on google images, but I’m not sure if I can legally use these or not on my own website. And if I can, do I need to add some special note by the image? And if I can’t do this, then how do I get the pictures for my website? All answers are appreciated, thanks.

Administrator answers:

I think it may be alright if you mirror the image

if you also give credit to the respective owners, saying this material belongs to (whoever) all rights to (whoever)

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