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Your Questions About Google Images

August 21, 2013

Sharon asks…

How to get pictures of you off google images?

there’s a picture of my friend on google images. It was there cause of a comment she put on a page, so she deleted the comment, but the picture is still there. How can she make it go away?

Administrator answers:

If the picture has gone from the page that she put the comment on, all you need to do is wait.

Google web bots are constantly crawling the web, so just wait for the bots to crawl the site again, Google will automatically update their index and the image will no longer be visible in searches.

Richard asks…

How can I do a google image drop search on my iPod if possible?

Is it possible to do that cool google image drop search thing on my iPod, and how?

Administrator answers:

Sadly, no.

John asks…

how to remove my pictures from google images ?

hey people ;
i wanna know how to remove my private pictures from google images search , besides that i deleted those pictures from my website and the website is now suspended !! can you help me pls ?

Administrator answers:

If you removed the original pictures it will take Google up to a month to finally remove them from image search, you can’t do nothing about it in the mean time… (and it’s not like people can access the actual image any more, they can just see a thumbnail)

Mark asks…

How do you upload a picture to Google Images?

What needs to be done to get an image to show up on a search result on google images

Administrator answers:


Chris asks…

How can i get the new Google image search?

My google image search on my windows laptop is still the old version. I cannot find similar images or enjoy any of the benefits of the new version. How can I get the new version?
I use safari

Administrator answers:

According to me,This is because of Slow Internet connection.When there is slow connection Google automatically switches to old version so that you can surf the site with ease.When I had slow Internet speed,This same also happens with me.And at the up notification appears as”You are seeing this page because of slow internet connection”

If you have good internet speed you will able to surf at the new version of Google Images.

Hope this is informational to you.

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