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Your Questions About Google Images

August 26, 2013

Jenny asks…

I would like to take a image from google images and use it.It is not copywrite.How do i transfer it to desktop

How do I take an image from google images and store it on my desktop. It will be one that I can legally use.

Administrator answers:

Right click on it, then select save as desktop background.

Nancy asks…

How could I blocks images from one website appearing on Google image search?

Hi, I had been searching Google image on both Chrome and Explorer on a certain subject.
However, I came across a few pictures from a website that is somehow disturbing and offending my subject of interest. Do any of you know how can I just block that one websites from Google image search?
Thank you
Sorry, I meant blocking it in my Google image search only, associating with my Google account and in my computer only, not others.

Administrator answers:

Do this
type -site name after your search.
Ex search :
video -youtube will search word video without youtube appearing.

Susan asks…

How do I remove a picture of myself on Google images?

My twitter profile picture is on google images when I search myself up. I deletes the photo off my twitter but it is still up there on google. I also changed my name on twitter but the picture is still up there.

Administrator answers:

It can’t come down its up there forever

Betty asks…

Does scrolling over a google image download it to your computer?

If you scroll over a google image to enlarge it, does the image/link get saved anywhere on your computer?

Administrator answers:

No it doesn’t

Sandy asks…

How do I customize my Google image search size options?

I need to access the new Google image search size options but I know they have recently updated and changed. I couldn’t find them in the first place, how do I go about finding them and setting them up for my computer? Google change it back!!!

Administrator answers:

It’s actually simpler

Once the image search tab has been selected (in iamge search mode)
Click Search Tools near the top
From the added row that appears select an alternative from the Any Size menu

William asks…

How to i get a picture from google images..?

How do i get a picture from google images for my profile pic on youtube? Thanks for all your help in advance!!Please answer!

Administrator answers:

Right click the image and choose “Save Image As”, save it to your desktop. Then go to your youtube account and choose to upload the picture from your desktop.

Sharon asks…

How do I display in Google image searching?

Hi all!
I want to display my photo when I give my name in the google image searching text box. So, please give me a guidance to learn this new thing.

Administrator answers:

You’ll have to go to the nearest web designer and ask him to do so…..
He’ll put a request to Google and it’ll be done buddy………….

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