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Your Questions About Google Images

July 14, 2012

Susan asks…

Google Images?!?!?!?!?

Ok so i have a blogger..where you make a blog.
and you know how on google images tehre are always pics of peoples things and stuff and then it gives a link to their website.
well I was wondering how do they get theirs up there and how can i make it where some of my pictures make it on google images?
and also if one of your images from your blog is on google images do you get to pick the one that goes up on there?

Administrator answers:

I, myself has my pictures in my blogs available at Google Images

It is already automatic that if you have a blog and you have images on it, the images are already part of Google Images…

If your pictures are not in Google Images then check if your picture has a name, then if it has a name, try putting in that name in the Google Images Search Engine. Surely, you will find you’re images because all pictures from around the world are in Google Images…

Robert asks…

google IMAGES?

On google images, How do you paste your own picture?? And another question, which one was more of a nightmare : Middle school, or high school

Administrator answers:

Cant put your own pic sorry =/
when you search the words it picks out thepictures from a page that has those words on it.
If itsa more popular page, like then it will have better results and will more than likely come up first.

And highschool even tho i havent finished its already worse than middle.

George asks…

google images?

i was looking to make a video to put on youtube or metacafe, but need some photos. can i use google images or does this goagainst the copyright law? Also how can i tell if an image is under the copyright law?

Administrator answers:

You are supposed to ask them (the host of the image should be displayed when you first click the image on your search page), but the owners of it have no way of tracking you, nor does the administration of the website ever enforce such strict rules.

Not saying you should do it, but the odds of any type of “infingement” charges against you are slim to zero.

David asks…

Google images?

I want to put a picture on google images of my horse i just made an acount so how would i put a picture on? thanks

Administrator answers:

Upload your image to a free image host, then submit the image url to Google. Make sure you name the file something relevant, because that’s how people will find your picture from their search.

You can’t upload a file to Google Images directly.

You can upload your photo/image to one of the following:

And then submit it to Google:

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