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Your Questions About Google Mail

January 25, 2013

Nancy asks…

Once you delete mail from your google mail inbox can you get it back?

Does google have trash box or a delete box you can go into?

Administrator answers:

Either you can check the trash folder or run a search if u knw who sen the mail
just type the email id in d search bar at the top of your inbox and al mails u ever recieved from dat particular id presents itslf to u……….

William asks…

How can I set up google mail with outlook express?

If there is no way, then tell me some free mail accounts I can make and that are usable with outlook.

Administrator answers:

Hello on this page find you further assistance!


hope I could you help.

Daniel asks…

How to send images within email in google mail?

Im trying to add html code for an image to my mail but I does not work so can someone tell me how in google mail can I send an image not attached to people?
I dont want to add it as an attachment I want to send emails like the big companys do where it just appears in the email area not as an attachment.

Administrator answers:

*send it as an attachment

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