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Your Questions About Google Mail

February 5, 2013

Carol asks…

How to move emails from google mail to Yahoo ?

I have created Yahoo account recently for a back up of all my emails in google.
i was only able to move my contacts from google to yahoo id .
How do I transfer my google emails also to yahoo ? is it possible in Yahoo to fetch the gmails or is it a paid service ?
Plz let me know the steps to move to yahoo.

Administrator answers:

You need to forward all the mail to your yahoo account else you can configure both your mail account on Microsoft outlook and have all the mails downloaded and can use them for forwarding.

Robert asks…

Is it possible to have my work e-mails go to my Google e-mail account?

My employer is changing our e-mail accounts and I’d like to be able to save important old e-mails, and have my new emails sent to my Google account. I have heard it’s possible to make this happen. I’m afraid I will lose an awfully lot of important stuff when my boss has me cancel the account this week. My computer uses Outlook… in case that helps.

Administrator answers:

In Gmail, navigate to Mail Settings > Accounts and Import > Import mail and contacts > then set it up from there. It should fetch most (if not all) e-mails from your Outlook account.
Good luck!

Thomas asks…

Anyone else notice the new version of Google mail is actually NOT as good as the recently older version?

I notice no improvements, but what i do notice is you can no longer search the web straight from your mail page. Now you have to navigate to the home page to conduct a search.

i just think it’s odd they went through the trouble to make such a little change, and one that is more of a downgrade than an upgrade. Any reason why they would do that?

I’m not really too bothered by it, just a little baffled.
You should only speaj for yourself on that purebishop. I actually use the search bar that was located within the mailbox quite often. It makes it easier than having to renavigate back to the page with the main google search bar, which sometimes is time consuming considering I have I google.

Administrator answers:

They’ve added so many awesome features through google labs that i wouldn’t even notice such a tiny change. Isn’t that what the search bar in your browser is for? Or even the url bar in most new browsers? Who needs to use the search bar in gmail for googling the internet anymore? Nobody.

Paul asks…

Google Mail. Can anyone tell me how I can close my Google Email account please?

I don’t use Google Mail anymore and I’d like to be able to close the account. I find Yahoo Mail so much more user-friendly. If you’ve had a Google Mail account and closed it, please let me know what you had to do. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

If you decide that you don’t need your Gmail account anymore, and you’re sure you won’t want your username in the future, you can simply close the account. Here’s how:

1. Click Settings at the top of any Gmail page.
2. Open the Accounts tab.
3. Click Google Account settings.
4. Click Edit next to My services on the right side.
5. Click Delete Gmail Service.

Once you close your Gmail account, you can’t reactivate it, and you won’t be able to retrieve any messages.

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