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Your Questions About Google Mail

March 7, 2013

Ruth asks…

How / if can I add SNAIL MAIL Addresses to my Webmail account?

I use the free Google-mail as my mail server.
I want to add my contacts’ PHYSICAL (snail mail) addresses so I can keep each address together.
How / if can I do this using my free web-mail account on Gmail?

Administrator answers:

Click contacts
Click the contact you want
Click edit
Type it into the big box marked “Address”

Mary asks…

What is Google voice mail and how does it work?

I get so annoyed when I hear the words ” this is Google voice mail, the subscriber you called is not available” talk about voice mail he** -it is like the worst of company voice mails for the individual – tell me what is really going on with Google voice mail and why do people use it. thank you.

Administrator answers:

It works a great deal like Skype and you can use it to send text and make calls over the internet

many of my favorite podcaster use Google Voice for their feedback lines since other free services like K7 lines will stop if not called for a few months,

it can also be used to make discounted phone calls over the internet like Skype

It can transfer calls to other phones or be accesses by most smartphones and computers

I don’t use my google voice often but if I had my google voice number before I had my house and cellphone number I would give that out instead so I wouldn’t have to change my number for as long as google voice exists

George asks…

I heard that Gmail now has e-mail message recall. When will Yahoo mail be getting that feature?

I would love the option to recall an e-mail that I’ve sent accidentally or too soon. Are you considering adding that functionality to Yahoo Mail? Google Mail has just added it. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

Not sure whether Yahoo would try/be able to match that functionality, but the one thing to keep in mind with the Gmail feature is that it only offers a five second window for you to undo it.

Still a great feature for when you notice just after you hit send that you replied to some jerk’s email, rather than forwarding it to a friend with less than complimentary comments attached. Or that you just sent a personal note to your supervisor Lisa Smith, instead of your girlfriend Lisa Stone. As they refer to it on the Google blog, it serves as a panic button. But it will not allow you to recall an email after the five seconds are up.

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