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Your Questions About Google Mail

March 28, 2013

William asks…

How do you chat with people from G-mail?

I have a lot of friends who have Google Mail accounts, and I wanted to know how to instant chat with them from yahoo if it’s possible. Thanks!


Administrator answers:

You can chat to your G-mail friends through Yahoo Messenger 10. Here is the link to download it:

Once downloaded, this is how you can add your contacts and friends:~

Click on “Contacts” in the top of the “Messenger” window pane.

Click on “Add a Contact”.

You will then see two options. Either you can add somebody from their Messenger ID or email address or you can choose a contact from your address book.

For each contact you add, click on “Next” to take you through the process. An invitation will then be sent to each one you have added. Their names will appear on your Messenger List with a message “Add Request Pending”. This message will disappear when the invitation is accepted.


You right click on the contact that you want to IM and then click on ” Instant Message”. Another box will open up for you to type your message in. When you have finished typing your message, hit the “Send” button on the right of the box you are typing in.

If the person is showing as “online”, he will get the message straight away. If the person if “offline”, he will receive the message as soon as he signs into Yahoo Messenger.

Nancy asks…

How can i transfer my 10,000 emails from one account to another or save them to my hard drive?

The question is self-explanatory. How do I transfer my 10000 emails from a google mail account to another email or back them up to my hard drive somehow? I wanted to save all the emails and transfer them from my school account. I have both a PC and a Mac any help/advice would be appreciated! :)

Administrator answers:

Use a real email client like Outlook Express, Outlook, or Firefox Thunderbird. Create an email account on one of these. On the Google web mail page, email them to yourself. Save them.

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