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Your Questions About Google Mail

April 9, 2013

Chris asks…

What does it mean when you mark a conversation as important?

I`ve been using google mail to send resumes out to potential employers (usually I use hotmail but thought google would look more professional). I haven`t had a single reply from over 10 different companies. I`m beginning to worry they didn`t even go through. When I look over my sent mail none of them as the important checked off while all my other emails do.

How can I check if it actually went through

Administrator answers:

“Sent mail”

Richard asks…

Will I be charged on my cell phone bills if I download apps unto my phone and I have internet?

I recently switched to Sprint, and got the unlimited data plan. I was wondering if downloading Google Mail and a Photobucket App(that comes with it) will be charged unto my account..or does it come with the data plan?

Administrator answers:

Please feel at ease, according to my experience, the Google Mail and A Photobucket App can be downloaded for free, since you got the unlimited data plan, you can download them without any worry about restriction and charge.

Sandy asks…

How do you locate all websites affiliated with my Email address?

I would like to transfer from Yahoo! Mail to Google Mail. However, I know for a fact that I have a number of websites that have affiliations with my email. Meaning, they send me emails, and if I delete my old Yahoo! account, they go bye bye. Is their any application or something of the sort? It would help a lot.

Administrator answers:

No there isn’t :( I suggest that you keep your old Yahoo mail in case you ever need to login a site you KNOW you registered at so that you can change that address to gmail.

Helen asks…

Is there a way to create a You Tube account without creating a Google account?

I’d like to have a You Tube account, but when I tried to open an account, it wanted me to create a Google mail account.

I’m happy with my Yahoo mail, and don’t really want a google mail account. It’s something I’d never use,and would just be clutter, which I cannot stand to have in my pc.

I’d be grateful for any help.

Administrator answers:

Unfortunately, I don’t think there is a way to create a Youtube account without signing up/creating a Google account. However, you don’t have to use Gmail. You can use your Yahoo email if you want, via:

Steven asks…

What is better Google Mail, Yahoo Mail, or Hotmail? Also, which is best for mobile?

What is better Google Mail, Yahoo Mail, or Hotmail? Also, which is best for mobile?

Administrator answers:

I have both Yahoo and Hotmail. It is just a matter of preference. I use Yahoo for my personal correspondence and Hotmail for newspapers, etc. I can get both of them on my mobile phone. Again, it is which you prefer.

Donna asks…

Is there anyway to unlink your Youtube account with google?

I signed up on my new Youtube account with an alternate yahoo email and now every time I go to google mail, I have to keep signing out to check my main email which involves signing me out of my youtube account. Then once I’m done I have to sign in again on my youtube account. To be quite honest, this is getting to be a pain in the ass. Is there any way to unlink my Youtube account with google?

Administrator answers:

Yes go to youtube, and go to account settings/link accounts

Mary asks…

why do i have to keep retyping the visual verification?

When i use google mail, i have to keep retyping the visual verification even when it’s correct. Anyone?

Administrator answers:

I believe you are referring to the CAPTCHA code that you are prompted to type in when using GMail. You may be required to type it could be for several reasons.

The first being that it is being typed incorrectly. For example, it is easy to mix up the letter “O” with the number “0″. Another easily mixed up is the lower case letter “l” with the number “1″.

Also, CAPTCHA is often case sensitive on some sites. A lower case “v” can be easily confused with an upper case “V”, etc.

Additionally, if you are a heavy user of GMail, it could be simply a matter of Google servers trying to confirm that you are not a spammer. This could be triggered not only by the number of emails sent, but to the number of recipients. For example, if you only send out 5 emails a day, but each email is to 25 contacts, that could trigger the requirement for you to enter the CAPTCHA code.

A final reason is that your GMAIL account may have been compromised and is being used by a third party to spam.

Beside the CAPTCHA field you should see a small icon. If you click this, it should play you an audio version of the CAPTCHA which may help you with the characters.

If still no luck, you will have to contact GMAIL Support to possibly get your account reset. The link is below:

Jenny asks…

How do I get email notification sounds?

I have google mail and im trying to find a download where a voice or sound can be played on my PC. I have firefox, windows xp.

Administrator answers:

Use WebMail Notifier – it’s a firefox extension that checks your email for you. It’s the best and you can tell it what sound to use when it finds new mail under its options.

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