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Your Questions About Google Mail

April 16, 2013

Joseph asks…

Will the android apps for mail charge me for internet?

I recently got an android phone and I’m wondering if the Yahoo Mail and the Google Mail apps charge me for internet if I check my mail on the phone. My SIM has locked the provider’s access to the internet but not wifi.

Administrator answers:

Your email, weather, FB uses data

you will not be charged if only using it under wifi

Helen asks…

How do I get my deleted account back?

I deleted my google mail account and totally forgot it was the account I made so that I could access google play/android market. Now I keep getting a sign in error on my phone and im not able to download or update any of my apps. How do i fix this problem?

Administrator answers:

How long has it been deleted? If it’s recent you may be able to get it back. Here are some urls to help you from google on how.

John asks…

How can I remove malware from my computer?

I can’t go to google mail page.I can’t search words with any browser because nothing happen.I think it is malware.I tried spy bot-SD. But no result.Please tel me how can remove malware from my computer.

Administrator answers:

Try running malwarebytes, if that doesn’t work.

Simply restore your system to the checkpoint before this happened. It’s easy, On Windows 7, I just had to do it to get rid of the rogue program ‘Antimalware Doctor’. Go to Start > ALL Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Restore click next and select the restore point prior to the time the infection occurred. Mine took only 5-7 minutes to run.

If you don’t have Windows 7, you still can get to the System Restore by finding the location of your Accessories, normally System Restore is under this.

Laura asks…

How do I change my default e mail in windows XP?

Hi all
When I RIGHT CLICK on an image in my pictures folder to send by e mail it tries to open in AOL which I am no longer with except in a residual way, it won’t e mail images this way, how do I make this operation open in say Google mail which is now my first choice?

Administrator answers:

Under Extras/Internet options/programs you can change the default mail program with Internet Explorer 7 under XP.

I’m not sure if that works with google mail though. It certainly works with yahoo mail as long as you have installed the yahoo messenger. You may have to do it the long way around with google mail (start the mail program and attach the picture).

I suggest you uninstall anything to do with AOL anyway. Check if there is any AOL stuff still installed and if so uninstall it. It may be worth going to and downloading the free ccleaner program. If you install it there is an “extras” button which will uninstall programs that XP won’t let you do. All in all it’s a useful program anyway.

Donna asks…

How do i reset my htc wildfire s to original factory settings?

My friend incorrectly drew my pattern 15 times and it came up with enter your google mail account and password, but i don’t have a gmail account! So i tried to reset it by holding down the down sound button and pressing the power button,it went to the screen with the 3 android things, but it didn’t say factory reset, only simlock, clear storage, recovery and fastboot…. PLEASE HELP!!!

Administrator answers:


David asks…

How to Send an Email using an Web Page Email link?

Is there software that will automatically configure an email client to work with the email links found on some web pages ?

Presently I have Yahoo and Google mail service.

If I click on a web email link, this invokes Outlook Express, which does nothing other than give error messages, which is why I try to avoid windows crap as much as possible.

Thanks !

Administrator answers:

Internet Ex picks a “default” mail client (if you don’t) and it’s usually Outlook Ex.

You can change the “default” to Yahoo this way.
Click this link, from Yahoo, for detailed instructions on making Yahoo your default mail client on *Internet Explorer*.
You WILL be required to download their “newest” toolbar—-use the “download” link that is on that page, to be sure and get the correct one.

That download adds Yahoo! Mail to your PC’s list of email programs to choose from. Follow all the instructions and be sure to click—–”Install the Yahoo! Mail Plug-in and make Yahoo! Mail my default Mail provider” checkbox.

THEN, after you’ve chosen Yahoo! Mail as your PC’s default email application (client), Yahoo! Mail will open when you click “ANY” email link in “ANY” browser, at ”ANY” time

William asks…

Is Yahoo more vulnerable to phishing messages than other e-mail services?

I am getting more and more phishing e-mails each day. Today I received five; in the past week I have received about twenty. Those that were from Yahoo addresses in other countries (about half) I have reported to Yahoo Abuse. Friends who use Google mail tell me that they get NO phishing mail. Is Yahoo more vulnerable to this?

Administrator answers:

The answer is probably Yes, because yahoo mail is one of the largest pools of email users on the planet (over 255 million accounts according to a recent Yahoo announcement). Therefore it is a pretty attractive target for spammers. Years ago, Hotmail was the prime target. But as other services like Gmail become ever-more popular, they too will likely be targeted more than they are now.

Steven asks…

Can I change my google adsense to another google account?

Long story short.
I have a YouTube account (Google mail) with ad sense and ads, YouTube ads.
I want to change the Google mail of the account, What will happen to the ad sense?
will it go?

Administrator answers:

Well you can open another Gmail account and keep your old one open for the AdSense and YouTube bit ( not using the Gmail bit any more but NOT closing it down)

If you choose to close down your Google account then you will loose access to everything else.

The official way to make any change like that to you AdSense account would be to submit the form to close down your AdSense Account. Wait for that to be action the apply for another AdSense account in your new Google account HOWEVER there is not guarantee that you will be accepted, quitye a few people have been surprised that a site they have been using for years wont be accepted now.

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