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Your Questions About Google Mail

May 11, 2013

Michael asks…

Whats the difference between email?

I hate google mail and Im going to use a back up address that is not yahoo.
What do you all like other than yahoo?

Administrator answers:


It’s linked to Windows Live Messenger so it’s very similar to Yahoo Mail being linked to Yahoo Messenger.

…………………..and it’s FREE!!!!!!! :-) )

Linda asks…

Can I call my cell phone number from computer?

I just noticed something on Google mail that looks like I can call a phone number but it appears to cost $10. I forgot my cell phone today and would like to see if I got any messages since I am unemployed and looking for a job. Is there a way I can call my cell phone number by computer or will it only be possible for a fee?

Administrator answers:

Yes, with google….google talk.

Richard asks…

Can you help with our new security settings?

We are tired of being hit! Our PC bogs down about every two weeks. We upped our security settings but now the auto-redirect to web pages is out, can’t get to Google mail, other little annoying things like buttons that are disabled (here on Answers as well) …Aaarg! How can we surf safe and still have functionality?

Administrator answers:

The first thing I would do is check for a malware infection by scaaning your comp. With the free version of

Sandra asks…

How do I change my youtube email address?

I’ve gone into email options, but it says “click here to change your google email”, but the email address i want to use isn’t google mail.

Administrator answers:

Sign in google with your account then signup with your desired e mail address

your e mail address will be renamed and your all stuffs will be change

( whatever beware your all account in google will be renewed with this address)

dont worry your stuffs will not be deleted ( i try this my self)

Robert asks…

How can I move a list of email addresses into a message in Google?

Someone sent me a list of e-mail addresses to send a message to (the same message). Is there a way to put all these addresses into the address bar besides cutting and pasting? I am using Google mail. Thank you.

Administrator answers:

Why wouldn’t you use copy and paste? I mean you could HTML and link it, but thats pretty complicated. Just copy and paste all of the email addresses or send a photo of the email of the emails to the person you want to send them to.

James asks…

How to get mail to pay attention to the “how often to log back in” setting?

This behavior began when mail switched to the new format. Even though I have a setting of “every two weeks” for automatic logout, YM insists that I log in every few minutes. A note to “Customer Service” brought back a form letter that said CS doesn’t have an answer as to why this is happening, and that I should take my problem to the forums. So here I am. Anyone else seeing this and does anyone know how to correct the problem? After 15+ years on Yahoo mail, I’m considering switching to Google mail.


Administrator answers:

Send them feedback here:

I already have a couple times. See my question here:;_ylt=AleEhcS8xAbBcXFDZi0exEoazKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20121220181629AAWdoV9

I listed this problem as an additional detail at the bottom. I am having thoughts of switching also if they can’t get the bugs out.

One workaround I use which helps sometimes, is to completely close my browser (not just the tab), then go back and I will already be logged in. I don’t think they had this in Beta testing before shoving it down our throats.

At first when it rejected my password 10 times I did a change of password through my backup email address.. After going through that mess a couple times, I t dawned on me that this was a bug with Yahoo.

Jenny asks…

How do I change the nameservers of my domain without moving the site?

I’m trying to setup google mail (or yandex mail) for my domain, but it needs me to change the nameservers of my domain. How do I do that without changing the space my url points to? I mean I don’t need to change my hosting or anything, it should still be pointing to my webhost.

Would adding the nameservers as additional nameservers work? Thanks very much in advance.

Administrator answers:

Changing nameservers will move BOTH your ‘www’ (A-record) website AND mail (MX record) – you should be able to set these records individually in the domain name dashboard. It’s just the MX records you need to change.
I wrote an article about it (link below) – if your domain is with 1and1 internet or GoDaddy, there are specific pages linked to this article that tell you how to change the settings.

Maria asks…

How can i get a gmail account?

I would like to get a Google mail account but do not know the procedure.

Administrator answers:

This should lead you thru the process

One thing to know. Whenever you sign up for a new site, they almost always send you a confirmation email . Most of the time it goes to the spam folder. Just so youre aware of that.

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