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Your Questions About Google Mail

May 27, 2013

Charles asks…

How I install certificates in my computer?

I have P4, Windows XP Professional, Install IE7. When I click Google Mail the message appears “Certificate Error, Close this window”.
What is the reason and what is the solution?

Administrator answers:

You could try a couple of things:
Strange as it sounds, your systems’ time must be synchronized to the actual time. Although your cert’s may be current, the time is unsynchronized, & doesn’t match the sites certificate parameters.
Right click the system tray time clock> Adjust time & Date> Internet time> Update now. (Make sure your system is set to ‘Automatic Synchronize…’ while you’re here)

Another possible fix:
With Internet Explorer, go to Microsoft Updates, then select the ‘Custom’ button (not the ‘Express’). That will tell you all specific updates for your computer (hardware & software) and in this case the certificate updates.

Lisa asks…

How does google+ (plus) find people i might know?!?

I have a google nexus 7, and a HTC windows phone. I use Gmail on my google tablet and also on my phone. I was using google mail on my phone, and it had 3 suggested people I might know on google+ 2 of them I do email, but one of them I text. This is really weird, how does it do that . I have never emailed or recieved an email off this person in my life

Administrator answers:

Maybe the third person knows one or both of the other two people, and Google knows that (maybe they email one another, or are friends on Google Plus). If Google knows you know some people, it can make a reasonable guess that you know people who those people know, especially if more than one of the people you know knows the same person.

Or, if you’ve ever let Google know what your phone number is, perhaps the person who you text has an Android (Google) phone and Google has logged the fact that they text your phone number, and has cross referenced it that way.

Or, maybe the third person knows your email address but has never used it, and has put it in their GMail address book.

Or, maybe if you use a GMail app on your phone, it has looked to see what phone numbers are in your phone’s phone book.

George asks…

When will spammers actually start having to pay to annoying us?

Shouldn’t the Governments of the world unite against this abuse? It is abuse. Unless you really like deleting 1000′s of SPAM in your inbox at Google Mail, Hot Mail and Yahoo! Mail and MSN and so on?
If we continue to receive e-mail that is not only annoying but contains trojans and links to malicious websites and so on why don’t the powers that be do something about this before the internet is fully taken over by these marauders like the Jamaican Scammers?

Administrator answers:

Well spammers do pay, well at least the advertisers pay the spammers to do the job, if these companies didn’t want to advertise so badly then they’re wouldn’t be spammers, money rules all thats just the way it is, other spams like trojans etc. Are just assholes that want to annoy people or possibly steal data to sell on

Steven asks…

How do I set up email alerts on my toolbar at the bottom of the page?

I get google mail alerts from a little bubble but can’t seem to make Yahoo do the same

Administrator answers:

Install the toolbar for IE and Firefox: or – no matter where you are on the web, the minute you receive a message, the mail button will alert you.


#2: If you have the messenger installed open it. Underneath the Yahoo logo (top left) click “messenger” -> preferences -> alerts and sounds. Go to the choice box (on the right side), click “enable” -> click “I receive a message in my Yahoo Mail” -> choose the sound you want to hear (or click the box “display box dialogue”). After you’re done click “okay”.

#3: Mail Alert add-on for Firefox browsers with sound notification:

Mandy asks…

somebody hacked my email accounts and are sending out spam mail saying that I’m stranded in Whales and to?

please send money. Is there some way that I can fix this? My Yahoo account is linked to two email addresses, one personal and one business. Plus it has also got my Google Mail.

Administrator answers:

Do you still have access to the accounts? If so, email all your contacts and say it’s a scam. Although most should realise. Change your passwords, security question, and look for any alternative email address the scammer may have added.
If all three accounts have been compromised, either all have been hacked, or more likely all had the same password. Which is a bad idea.
At one time, scammers used to change the password and lock the real owner out. But lately they seem to create an almost identical email address and use that instead.

Ruth asks…

Hey, does anyone know of a good software that would combine all my mail sources into one?

Outlook doesn’t work on yahoo for me, or Google mail. I’d like to not have to use a separate browser for each every time.

Administrator answers:

Use FreePops to make Yahoo!Mail or GMail compatible with Outlook. (And yes, FreePops is, as the name suggests, free)

Ken asks…

how do I reduce thumbnail size pictures to send by email?

Please tell me how to reduce the size of my photos to email several?
I have been emailing them for 2 years but now the size seems to have increased to over 2000 Kb per picture and I can’t send 4. What has happened as they look like thumbnails in my files but are going through as full size pics. Help please. I have tried sending via Picasa and Google Mail but no luck. My normal email is by Yahoo.
I have found the best way now is to use HP Photosmart as pictures are automatically reduced in size. Bit puzzled though that copy emails are then sent to my own inbox although sent to others! Anyway, thanks for your help.

Administrator answers:

Here is a free on line photo resizer i have used it and found it easy to use and offering a good free service. No software download needed.

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