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Your Questions About Google Mail

June 6, 2013

Chris asks…

How do I make a link on gaiaonline for my signature?

I want to make a sentence of words, like “Click here to go to google mail” or something like that, and then I attach a URL to it.. Can someone give me the code???

Administrator answers:




thats html.

Ruth asks…

How can I configure my MS Outlook (2002) to download my Gmail (Google Mail)?

Please let me know how I can configure my MS Outlook (2002) (NOT Outlook Express) to download my Gmail (Google Mail).

Thank you for your help.

Administrator answers:

Try this link,

Good Luck.

James asks…

What email service has few or no adverts?

I’m really annoyed with Yahoo Mail‘s constant “in your face” adverts at the right side of my screen.

Year on year they are getting worse.

I know they can be hidden, but they pop up again as soon as you move to a new message etc
Google Mail is little better. I want to dump the two accounts and go elsewhere that has fewer ads.

Any suggestions please?
Thks Mike

Administrator answers:

Use an ad blocker.


Even internet explorer has one built in.
So there is no excuse,
if you are using firefox, then get ad block plus


George asks…

How can i create a Youtube account without a cell phone #?

I want to create a youtube account and when i choose a username and give my email, it says to sign in with google mail using my email, when i do that it prompts me to setup a gmail account and asks for a cell phone # to confirm the account…

I dont have a cell phone?

Administrator answers:

You can easily skip that part.
You don’t have to complete it.

Sandy asks…

How do I change my security settings to allow websites to use ActiveX controls that I have installed?

All of a sudden now my Yahoo, google mails dont work, and it wont let my watch flash movies or any videos

Administrator answers:

In Internet Explorer, click on Tools, Internet Options, Security, Custom Settings, Scrool until you find Active X and select it to alow Active X. I think that is how it works.

Paul asks…

How did my user name on Yahoo become my name?

I wanted to know as my yahoo account is connected to my google mail account, and my username was ilovemyhammies but it used my real name and how do you change it back? Because I really need to. Thanks!
Thanks I found out now ;3

Administrator answers:

You can change your Y/A profile name by the following informations.

Just visit the link & change your name.

? Click, my activity or your pic
of avatar.
? Click, “Edit My Preferences” tab.
? Click, ” Change name” tab.
Then there will appear a pop on window, change your name on name filed then click save.
? And finely click “Submit”
[Note] if you’re using normal mobile
site so you need to fist click Desktop
ta b they locate bottom of yahoo

Joseph asks…

How can i tell if my email was blocked?

I am sending an email to a persons google mail account. How can i tell if the person blocked me, will I get an email saying the mail is undeliverable or will it go through as usual? Anyone having gmail can help me answer this thanks

Administrator answers:

Gmail doesn’t have blocking per se; what it has is the ability to apply filters. The closest thing to blocking someone in Gmail would be to apply a filter to a particular address coupled with a “rule” to delete it upon receipt. If someone has done that to you; then what would happen is that your mail would immediately go into the trash bin and the recipient would never see it. (providing he/she didn’t look in the “Trash” folder). You wouldn’t get a notice that that happened.

David asks…

How do I access my Googlemail?

I have a HTC Desire and Google mail and Gmail (if I remember right) both came pre installed. My Google mail account let’s me into the Google apps market and my gmail is assigned for twitter and YouTube.
For the past fortnight I’ve been constantly receiving the notification “sign in error for…(my Google mail address)
I forget the password and cannot remember the answers to the security questions. Because of this I can’t access the app market and whatever else that account is assigned to. My gmail account still works fine.
Any ideas how to contact Google mail or even just stop the irritating notifications?

Administrator answers:

Try resetting your password

Helen asks…

how do i make the contact form in html send data directly to my gmail n not open email software like outlook?

I have an HTML feedback form for my website. I want to send the input values of this form directly to my google mail. I have google hosted email for my domain. What do i do? I do not want to use any email software like outlook.

Administrator answers:

You might consider using server side java script on the contact us page you want them to fill the contact form. It makes web page template should send the contact form details directly to your mail.

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