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Your Questions About Google Mail

June 21, 2013

Chris asks…

How does gmail gain your personal information?

I was wondering how gmail knew my cellphone number because I do not remember inputting it. However, a couple of months ago I ordered from domino’s pizza online, and I might have inputted my cellphone number into that site. Is it possible that google mail picked up that information? That’s the only possible way I can think of.

Administrator answers:

Google indeed monitors your mail; purportedly to give users a better experience and ultimately to feed you advertising.
It’s entirely possible they’ve cross-indexed you with a phone number.

Google is without question the single biggest invader of your privacy.
See this page for further links to what they offer as ways to modify what they do with your info:
Pay special attention to the “Protecting your privacy hasn’t changed” section and those threads.

Susan asks…

How do I change to Yahoo Mail?

A friend wants to subscrfibe to Yahoo Mail. She doesn’t not like Google Mail. Where do mI sign her up?

Administrator answers:

Change how your name appears on your emails,

On your Yahoo mail page,
Options – more options – Accounts – Add or Edit – click Yahoo mail
-click edit,
In the “From name:” box, enter the name you would like people to see
on your email header.
You can also change the return address in there also.
Click Save to put your new settings into effect
Change it on Pulse,
Hover on you name at the top of this page.
Click on “Profile”,then click on Info and Edit
and change it then save it.
Get there faster
On Answers
hover on My activity >Edit my preferences >change name and
click on Submit to finish.
Have a great day

J R :)

Linda asks…

How do you cancel an email account on Yahoo?

I switched over to google mail, and don’t want my old Yahoo! email address. How do i close it?

Administrator answers:

First, make very sure that is what you want to do, if you delete the account you can never get it back, or use that ID name, either.
Any other yahoo programs associated with your mail account will also be deleted.
If you are sure:
Click on the help at the upper left corner of the screen from the account you want to delete.
Help /Account and password /Your Account Info / How can I delete my account

Sandra asks…

How do I send text messages from google mail?

It seems easy according to this But I logged into my g-mail and I see no ‘Send sms’ box above chat >.<
Ah, I've figured it out. Now the thing is, the phone number is not a US one. (I am in the USA though, if that matters) It is one of my friends in Algeria I am trying to text to. Is that possible? If so, how do I write the number? What should be before her phone number?
I just tried sending a text msg to myself. I am a T-mobile client but right now I have no credit at all. Not even 1cents. The message didn't come through. What could be the reason?

Administrator answers:

Use online service. I am using TimeClickr ( ) for for all my international texting. Very simple and easy to use site, and good coverage. They are not free (and so do not sell your numbers to marketing companies), but got out to be the cheapest at a time I did a research, and it is pure pay-as-you-go service – no plans or contracts, just buy a bunch of credits and use as long as you need, packages start with $1. They give few free trial credits, you can check if it works for you.

Ken asks…

Samsung s2 keeps saying google sign in failed, how do i correct this problem?

Hi all, I recently upgraded to my phone to ice cream sandwich and now it keeps saying google mail sign in failed every few minutes, how do i correct this problem?

Administrator answers:

Check the settings.Every time that you change the operational system,the settings turn to stock.

Sandy asks…

What is the first website you go on other than your homepage?

The first website I go on other than my homepage is…, then I sign in and edit my blogs via blogger, read my emails at Google mail and watch some videos on Youtube.

Administrator answers:

DeviantART, then Yahoo, then MSN

Maria asks…

How do I sign into YouTube from Yahoo?

I want to sign into YouTube through Yahoo even though I am aware that Google owns YouTube. How do I do so? What I want to do is remove al the Google stuff associated since I use Google Mail only as a back-up.

Administrator answers:

You cant get a Youtube account through yahoo so chances are you wont be able to sign in through yahoo.once you create a Youtube account, you automatically get a google account

John asks…

What does it take to make Microsoft Outlook to work correctly?

For instances, I have a high speed internet connection; however, it is connected through a television. Therefore, it is a cable internet connection, but I am actually trying to connect MS Outlook to three type of my personal e-mail accounts, which are hosted by the following: yahoo, hotmail, and google mail (gmail). Do you know how? If you do then provide a lengthy explanation and thank you!!!

Administrator answers:

As far as i know you cannot do it with yahoo.(usa) addresses.
You can do gmail and the detailed instructions for pop3 or imap is on the gmail site (I would recommend the IMAP option but POP3 will also work)
I think that the same for hotmail

Daniel asks…

How do I send an email to an IP address?

I posted the other day about whether I could send an email to an IP address, but now I need to know how to do that. Do I need a specific software program or can it be done in Google mail or Outlook?

Administrator answers:

You can’t just send an email to an IP address.
The person with that IP address you have has to have an email account on an email server, and you’ll use that account name to send your mail, not the IP address. That’s one of the reasons emails work the way they do – it’s easier to remember an account name than a bunch of numbers separated by dots.

Also, as there is not enough IP addresses in the current addressing scheme, it’s quite likely that if i have an address now, i might have tomorrow, because of the dynamic nature of IPs today, so you wouldn’t have a way of contacting me via email, unless you have something “static”, like my email account address.

Even a mail server like Gmail doesn’t know or use my IP address to give me my email, or anyone else’s. It just waits for you to log in, from whatever IP, and grants you access to your inbox, based on your username and password. So you can have whatever IP address you want – it doesn’t matter, and it’s not what allows you to get your email.
I hope that clears things up, it’s a general example.

Of course, if you controlled both the sending and the receiving end of the email you’re talking about – it could be possible for you to use or make a program to accomplish what you’re asking about, but that wouldn’t be emailing in its true form (via SMTP, POP3 etc).

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