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Your Questions About Google Mail

July 8, 2013

Daniel asks…

how can i open google mail on my computer?

i am useless trying to open google mail on widows explorer 6 , OP widows 2000 but when i press gmail it give nothing ( it gives page similar that i am not connected to the internet). can anyone help me ? thank you

Administrator answers:

Use Firefox or google chrome. Google Chrome is the best for it. Also you you can use thunderbird email client for gmail. If none of browsers work you can try that.

Charles asks…

Can you get notified on your desktop that you have new Google mail(gmail)?

I use Google Chrome to surf the web. I already installed the Google Mail Checker toolbar. I wonder if there is a way to get notified of new email without getting on a web browser. Something like email straight to my desktop.

Administrator answers:

In a way you can,
but you still need to have a mail client installed configured to check you mail and running. Something like Thunder-bird or Outlook(I am not sure but I think you can configure them to start automatically when you start your pc and check your mail every 15 od minutes).

Oh if you take Thunder-bird setup is more or less automatic here is googles guide to setting it up once you install thunder bird.


Ruth asks…

How do I stop thunderbird marking new emails as read?

When I get a new email from my Tesco account it is marked as read so its hard to tell if it is new or not. All my other accounts (Google mail, Hotmail) put new messages as unread so there’s defiantly a problem with the account O.o

Please help

Administrator answers:

Turn off the preview window.

Maria asks…

Where to get google mail support in UK?

Where to get google mail support in UK?

Administrator answers:

Sir I will be happ to help you in this regards you can directly contact Google for Mail support but if dont get any link or support then you may get Smart Support Guys help for Google Mail Support in UK, you can follow the link: and ask your questions they will help you

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