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Your Questions About Google Mail

July 18, 2013

Carol asks…

I am having difficulty opening some of my yahoo mail?

When I check the box and try to open my mail, it will not open.
What is the trouble? It was working fine then all of the sudden when I tried to also have a google mail the yahoo would not open at all.

Administrator answers:

Maybe you could restart your tabs

Donna asks…

How can I text online for free?

I wanna know I can text people online for free, preferbaly something that allows me to have a inbox and an actual number. That is free! I dont have an ipod so i can use an app. Also, does google mail allow you to text people from an actual number and receive replies?

Administrator answers:

Sign up for Google Voice. Free calling and text.

Chris asks…

Can the LAN administrator know what I am doing with my Gmail through Outlook 2007/POP?

Google mail supports its users to browse email through Outlook 2007 POP feature? I can receive emails at home but can not do it at work and I know that there is a difference in the port number.
I wonder if the company Admin know and trace my privacy when I connect to LAN?

Administrator answers:

Yes of course

William asks…

How do you sign into a YouTube account?

So my teacher made a YouTube account for us to upload our final video projects onto. She gave us the account username and a password but i don’t know how to sign in with the information. The account username is not an email, and I obviously do not have access to the teachers email information linked to the account. How do I sign in with a username? It almost seems impossible to sign in because it requires me to enter a google mail account.
I got it to work. thanks!

Administrator answers:

Probably the username that your teacher gave it to you is her gmail account. While logging into gmail account you just have to add the username ( you don’t have to add that may help.

Thomas asks…

How do I set up Outlook with a Belkin router?

Since I disconnected my modem to fit the router I can only seem to use google mail.

Administrator answers:

You don’t set up Outlook only the email accounts
It is windows that you set up and that should mostly do it’s self with you only putting in names and p/words

Steven asks…

If I restore my iTouch with the software upgrade still on it, will I lose my software upgrade?

The software upgrade is the one where I have maps, mail, notes, stocks, and weather. I want to resore my iPod beacuse everytime I go to mail, the Yahoo Mail, Google Mail, etc. options show up but in like a second, the program quits by itself.

Also, everytime I sync my ipod, Zonealarm asks for permission that MD Crash Report Tool.exe needs access to the trusted zone, is this normal. What is this?

Administrator answers:

I don’t think you will lose your upgrade if you restore your ipod =)

Zonealarm was causing me problems with my ipod touch =_=… I uninstalled it and replaced it with good ol’ Spybot S&D =)

George asks…

Programmers: Visual Basic application that can check a gmail account?

I want to write an application that checks a account with google mail and displays the simple text format of new messages in the form. What’s the best way to do this assuming I use

Administrator answers:

Using google apis

Laura asks…

Can you use your google mail account on youtube?

Im just wondering……….
Can i use my google mail account as a youtube account

Administrator answers:

Of course but just beware that IF you were to ever lose your youtube account because of copyright, you would forever be shut out of your gmail account as well b/c your entire google account would be suspended and if you have google mail attached to your youtube account, that is included. I would suggest using hotmail or something non google related as your youtube e-mail unless you are positive you don’t use copyright and won’t lose your account.

David asks…

How do I get Google Calendar to flow through Outlook if I have Windows 7?

Google Calendar does not sync with Windows 7… but I need to access my Google Calendar and E-mail through Outlook. Please let me know how I can get Google E-mail and Calendar to flow through my Outlook in the Windows 7 OS. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

Here is Google’s sync utility for Outlook:

According to the specs ( ), it only works with XP and Vista; HOWEVER, anything that works with Vista will almost certainly work with Windows 7. They have the same “kernel.”

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