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Your Questions About Google Maps

December 29, 2012

Laura asks…

How do I change google maps current location?

When I’m on google maps on the Internet on my iPod touch, it shows my current location about 6 houses down. How do I change my current location or is it like the closest satellite or something. Thanks

Administrator answers:

You are limited to how close civilian GPS data will let you get. I believe it is plus or minus 3 meters or so but that depends on the area and what service you are using. You can get pretty accurate but not spot on.

Nancy asks…

What’s the difference between Google Maps & Google Places?

I went through the whole Places form and when I was finished it looked just like my Maps listing. Am I missing something? And if so, what can I do to take advantage of Google Places? My listing includes all contact and business info including web site links and photos. What else?

Administrator answers:

Google Maps is just a collection of maps and locations whereas Google Places is information about a specific location on Google Maps. If you login to your Places account, it will prompt you to fill in any information you have missed.

Sharon asks…

How Do You Copy and Paste Map Pictures off of google maps?

How do you copy a map picture from google maps?

Administrator answers:

Use Print Screen (Prt Scr) to copy. & [past it in any editing software by pressing Ctrl+V

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