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Your Questions About Google Maps

February 11, 2013

Thomas asks…

How do I report an error on google maps?

I’ve found a significant error on google maps. How can I report the error to them?
I’ve submitted a trouble report with Navteq. I believe they are google‘s supplier of mapping info. The location error is in Paris, France so maybe not.

Administrator answers:

Go to and follow the prompts.

To get to this page form the main Google Maps page:
Click “Help” in the upper right-hand corner
Click on one of the questions
Click on one of the suggested answers
Click the “contact us” link at the bottom of the page

Ruth asks…

How can I create a widget for Google Maps?

I need to create a widget for my website that allows someone visiting my site to type in their zip code and Google maps will find all restaurants within 150 miles of their zip code. How can I do this?

Administrator answers:

I just did a yahoo search re: your question and this is what I found.
The info is @ youtube.

How To Create A Google Map Widget – YouTubeHow to create a Google Map Widget on your Mobi10 website.

Mary asks…

how can I download or save an image from google maps?

I want to download or save an image from google maps. Its the street view image on a map.

Administrator answers:

Step 1: Hit ‘Print Screen (PrntScrn) button on the google maps you want to save an image from.
Step 2: Open Paint (Start-All programs-Accessories-Paint)
Step 3: Hit Ctrl+V together.

Donna asks…

How to find gps coordinates on google maps from a cell phone photo?

I have taken pictures from my cell phone, and in the info it shows gps coordinates.
I just want to know how to use those coordinates on a website like google maps to find the location

Administrator answers:

In most cases, you can paste the information directly into google maps, and it will automatically find the location for you. Google maps understands a lot of different ways of expressing coordinates. Occasionally the coordinates will be ambiguous and you’ll be in the wrong hemisphere.

The website below will automatically give you a google map from a jpg image without you having to do anything.

Lizzie asks…

what is the difference between Using GOOGLE MAPS and using a GPS.?

I recently bought Sony Ericsson 705. It has Google maps in it but no GPS…
I want to know wether i am missing a lot by missing the GPS or are they one and the same thing.

Administrator answers:

Google maps are just maps. GPS units with proper mapping for the area you are traveling can give you turn by turn directions if you have the correct type unit for this purpose. GPS units give the exact location on the earths surface of your position. GPS and google maps are like comparing apple and oranges.

Nancy asks…

How can I put a file on a google maps widget?

I use .gpx tracks on my website, and I want to be able to show the tracks on an interactive map, like google maps, that is built into the page. If anyone could please tell me how to do this with any maping program, I would be thankful. Also, if I would need to convert the .gpx files to other formats, please instruct me on how to do so. Thanks a bunch!

Administrator answers:

This site should help:

Sharon asks…

Does the palm pre plus support google maps?

I know that with andorid phones there is a google map app. I was wondering if the pre supports google maps? I really dont want to have to pay for VZ navigation!

Administrator answers:

Yes the mobile version of google maps is supported on the Palm OS.

You can download it here:

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