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Your Questions About Google Maps

February 26, 2013

Sandy asks…

How can I take 200 addresses in an excel spreadsheet and map them on google maps or yahoo maps with a pushpin?

How can I take 200 addresses in an excel spreadsheet and map them on google maps or yahoo maps with a pushpin? I have name, address, city, state, zip and account ID. I want to export that information and have it show up on a map in google maps or yahoo maps. I’ve tried it in Streets and Trips and it doesn’t work well.

Administrator answers:

Check out the free site You can dump those addresses in the textbox, click the button and it’ll show them on the map and geocode them in both Google Maps and Yahoo Maps and show distance between them.

Lizzie asks…

Is there a method on Google Maps or a tool for finding surrounding areas?

I want to see a thirty minute traveling radius around a place and was wondering if there was a separate tool I need to download or if there is a phrase or something I can type in on Google Maps. It would also be nice to have the choice of choosing the method of transportation. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

I am referring not to Google Maps but, rather, Google Earth. From which you can navigate anywhere.

In Google Earth there is a legend on the left that spans page vertically and in that area there are choices you can make to show areas of interest roads and so on. I believe if you spend a few minutes of your free time at work or at home, to just casually familiarizing yourself. It’s a very complex program.
Google Earth is free The URL to download is:

Google Earth takes up where Google Maps lets off.

William asks…

Does using Google Maps on a mobile phone require an internet connection?

I’m using a Nokia N73 and would like to know if using Google Maps on it would require an internet connection. I wanna know because if it does, it’s gonna pose a bit of a problem as the N73 isn’t built-in with wifi access, just GPRS.

Administrator answers:

Yes, Google Maps requires a compatible packet data connection (GPRS, EGPRS or 3G). And it’s not meant to be used with Wi-Fi.

Thomas asks…

How do you add Google Maps within your personal website?

I am building a website and I want people to be able to find me via Google Maps. I have seen it on others website where you click “find me” and up comes a pop-up box with their address located in the google maps window. Does anyone know how to create this pop up so that it shows my address every time?

Administrator answers:

Prepare a Google Map using their site. Click “Link to this page” in the top-right corner of the map. Copy the HTML that comes up and paste it into the source code of your website or blog.

Or you can use the Google maps API

Betty asks…

How to suggest a Location on Google Maps?

I used my phone and opened my GPS and by my surprise, our subdivision (where I live) is not on the Google Maps. I can see my accurate location but the name of my place was not registered. Anyone knows how so that it can now be added on the map?

Administrator answers:

1) Try the “Report a problem” page in the help section………. Don’t hold your breath, it took them about 2 or 3 years (and 4 times of telling them) to fix a wrong place mark near me.


2) See if you can add it yourself via Wikimapia, if someone hasn’t already (uses Google Maps)

3) As above, but with Open StreetMap (alot of offline map apps for phone’s use this)

Ruth asks…

Is creating a map for a furniture store flyer using Google Maps legal?

I want to design a mailing flyer for my store. If I use a screenshot from Google maps to make the store map on the flyer, is that legal? If not, are there any legal alternatives?
Yes, I read the TOS, but I’m not a lawyer. I thought the big no-no was trying to re-sell the maps. In any case, I would love an answer to the second part of my question.

Administrator answers:

The photographic imagery made available for display through Google Maps is provided under a nonexclusive, non-transferable license for use only by you. You may not use the imagery in any commercial or business environment or for any commercial or business purposes for yourself or any third parties.

You may not copy, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, translate, modify or make derivative works of the imagery, in whole or in part. You also may not rent, disclose, publish, sell, assign, lease, sublicense, market, or transfer the imagery or any part thereof or use it in any manner not expressly authorized by this agreement.

By using Google Maps, you do not receive any, and Google and/or its licensors (if any) retain all ownership rights in the imagery. The imagery is copyrighted and may not be copied, even if modified or merged with other data or software.


Google Maps TOS

Laura asks…

How to add a colored route using google maps on my website?

Does anyone know how this can be done – l can see and use the google maps with the iframe option but If I wanted to included a colored route, lets say around San Francisco – fishermans wharf to North Beach to Embarcadero to SF giants stadium to a restaurant in SOMA – all up on my website, can that be done?

Administrator answers:

Open Google map of San Francisco at top left you see “Get directions” click on that and type into the boxes the places. You want and you can add more destinations by clicking on “Add Destination” , then click on the blue box “Get Directions” and the route will appear on the map.

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