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Your Questions About Google Maps

March 4, 2013

Paul asks…

Are there sources of satellite imagery on par with google maps but more recent?

Also how old are the images on google maps on average?

Administrator answers:

Look at the lower left corner of the Google Map display. Depending on location, the photos are updated about every 6 months.

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Steven asks…

How do I use google maps so my friends can all add their locations on the map?

Some forums have google maps so everyone can add where they live on the map? How do I use this? or sign up for it?

Administrator answers:

Google Maps has a feature called “My Maps” which you can use. Steps:
1) Go to Google Maps.
2) Click the “My Maps” tab
3) Click “Create new map” link (right under the tabs)
4) Name the map something like “Awesome group of friends”
5) Near the top of the map next to the navigation arrows, you can see tools including the “Add a placemark” tool.
6) Put a placemark on your location.
7) Next you want to invite your friends to also add their locations. Click the “Collaborate” link. It is on the left just above the title of your map. 8) Enter the email addresses of your friends so they can also add their locations to the map.
9) Make sure you click the “Save” button and then then “Done” button.

Maria asks…

How often does google maps/iphoelne street view get updates?

On the PC on google maps when I view my house on street view it says 2009 and on my phone it’s the same and looking at my friends house it’s 2009 too because of the colour of his door, why haven’t they updated it in 3 years? How often is it done

Administrator answers:

A because google maps in worldwide dumb ass not just in your town. It would be impossible to update it every year

Robert asks…

How does Google Maps know my current location?

Google Maps knows my current location when I am looking getting directions. How does it know that?

Administrator answers:

Because of your ip address

Donna asks…

Is it possible to advertise with the sponsored links (adwords) exclusively on local Google Maps?

I would like to advertise exclusively within the local Google Maps. I want to be in the “sponsored links” box on top. Is it possible for my ad to just show up there on Google maps? I am new to adwords and cannot find an answer on their website.

Administrator answers:

Google offers opportunity to earn money for the small business owner of local places using google ten pack local business listing. It is 100% free for the owner having contact number and physical address and you cannot include your ads here. By default content network is checked in google adwords. Donot uncheck it, your ad will be visible in google search and google network sites.

Ruth asks…

How can i get the driving directions between two points in my city with Google Maps API?

I have a problem, I don’t know how to give driving directions between to random points inside a map of my city. If I use GDirections() object of Google Maps API, it shows only directions of a few known streets and objects in my city, and not for all :( Can someone help me please to figure it out.
Thanks anyway!

Administrator answers:

I like Yahoo Maps.

Donald asks…

How can I find out on which date a Satellite picture was taken on Google Maps?

I looked up my aunt’s address on Google Maps and there is a swimming pool there. It’s not an updated picture because the pool was removed last year. Oddly though on the bottom of the satellite picture the year 2009 appears. Does anyone know at what frequency these pics are updated?

Administrator answers:

Use google earth 5.0

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