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Your Questions About Google Maps

March 19, 2013

David asks…

How do I develop a unique idea for a google maps overlay for profit?

I have a unique idea for an overlay for google maps (or any mapping application for that matter), and I think others would be interested enough that it would create significant traffic on a website if it were developed correctly. I am wondering if anyone has any advise or experience in the area of how to exploit this idea for profit.

Administrator answers:

Breakthrough entrepreneurship is about solving problems — but it’s only half the battle. If you’ve brainstormed a business idea and have a sense of the customer pain your product can solve. The next step in your billion-dollar business generating process is to figure out if you can fill that need profitably. To do this, you need to understand the value proposition you’re creating. Estimate the economics as best you can so as to figure out ahead of time if customers will actually agree to purchase your product or service for significantly more than it costs you to produce it.

Mark asks…

How do you wirelessly push google maps to my xgps on my iphone?

I’ve downloaded the xGPS to my iphone and want to find out a way where I can easily download google maps to my iphone so I don’t have to use any data while I’m out on the road.

Thanks anyone who can help!!!

Administrator answers:

Open up xGPS, then go to the spanner icon on the bottom right, go to maps, click manage maps, then use two fingers to highlight the area you want to download, then click download (top right).
It does take a while, maps take up more space than you think, england is approx 56,100mb

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