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Your Questions About Google Maps

April 20, 2013

Chris asks…

Why can’t I get directions to the Griffith Observatory on Google Maps or my iPhone?

I’m driving up from Irvine and I am terrible at directions and need specific directions to get there. It’s not coming up on Google Maps for some reason using the 2800 E Observatory Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027 address.

Any help?

Administrator answers:

Hi there,had the same problem,but as done a reverse route,here”s the link,hope this helps..


regards pops..

Ps late edit..GOT IT.. Try this one, several routes on this ,just click on whiich one “s the best for you..good luck..


regards again pops..

Mark asks…

How do we site google maps in a research paper?

We took a screen shot of a picture on google maps and used it to show a location we’re studying for a research project. Now we’re thinking we need to site where we got the picture from… but we don’t know how to site google maps specifically. Any advice?

Administrator answers:


Just like that!

Robert asks…

Is there anyway to get visitor statistics from my custom Google maps?

My custom-made Google maps have thousands and thousands of views. Can I get information about who is viewing them?

Administrator answers:


Lizzie asks…

How do I show speed in MPH using my gps track data and Google Maps?

I’d like to see some sort of speed information in my gps track loaded into Google Maps. I can convert to just about any GPS format–currently using *.kml files.

MPH would be the ideal unit.

Administrator answers:

Google Maps will not help to show the speed.

James asks…

How often do google maps update streets and put it online?

How often do they post it on google maps?

Administrator answers:

The street where my mum lives is not on the the map version and she’s lived there for 10yrs and on my street view where i live the view is at about 4 or 5 yrs old as a neighbour has scaffolding up at his house

Steven asks…

How do I add categories to the markers on Google Maps?

I noticed that Google Maps has a new feature that lets me rate locations. In order to find locations, I have to search the categories.

I created a map with many markers of the city I live in, but at no point did I see an option to add a category to the markers. It would be nice to categorise my markers so that it is easier to find locations by type.

How do you do add categories?

Administrator answers:

I am too lazy to read everything you wrote… So ill just tell you now… I have no clue!

Maria asks…

How to download Google maps for Nokia E71?

I have a Nokia E71. I want to download Google Maps for my phone that I can browse offline or online. I have heard the software is 120 MB or so. Please tell me how to download it on my PC that I can transfer to my phone?

Administrator answers:

To download Google Maps, go to on your E71 and the right version of Google Maps will be downloaded to your phone.

Alternately, you can download the *.sisx installer on your PC from and install it to your phone via USB or bluetooth

Mary asks…

Have you ever noticed that Russia has the best image resolution best on google maps?

I was looking at Moscow at google maps to see my dads new apartment there, when I zoomed into some random countries. It seemed that Russia had the best resolution lol. Coincidence, no?

Administrator answers:

Russian satellites have up to a 2 meter (6 foot) resolution.
Google this for more articles: Russia satellite photos

Mandy asks…

Do you believe that Google Maps is a security risk to home owners?

Google Maps has a popular tool called “Street View”. Basically you take an icon that is a golden man and put him on whatever street you want to view. It shows a 360 degree view of the area. Well you can view people’s home as well and I was thinking this could evade privacy.

Administrator answers:

No. You can walk down the street and see the same thing

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