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Your Questions About Google Maps

April 27, 2013

Michael asks…

How do I see my street view on google maps?

I tried looking up my house on google maps but Im not sure how, and ehow says there is a street view button to click on but I dont see one, can anyone help by steps? Thanks so much!

Administrator answers:

There might not be a street view for your house. Put in your town, state, province, country, what ever you use in this planet. Then figure out where your house is in town and zoom in. If there is a street view it will appear as an option to click on. Odds are that there is no street view for your house. They only have so many vans with the camera equipment and a lot of towns to visit.

Sandra asks…

when planning a route from google maps it gives an estimated petrol price is this one way price?

Im trying to calculate how much it will cost if i had to choose a destination, it shows on google maps an estimated price of how much it will the price be for return journey? i live in hope lol!

Administrator answers:

Google Maps calculates the distance from Point A to Point B as a one-way trip, so the estimated cost of fuel would be based on that one-way trip.

Ruth asks…

How can I create a Google Maps-like web app?

I’d like to design a web game using javascript and need an interactive map, similar to what is scene on google maps. How could I create a google maps- like application using javascript or some other coding. Thanks in advanced.

Administrator answers:

You gonna have to use Google maps api ti do that. Google maps works via php ajax and JavaScript.


If you are looking for some kind how-to than check out Harvard’s cs50 course. They recorded the lectures and put it online with every material you gonna need. They cover php and JavaScript.


Thomas asks…

How do you take labels off google maps?

So I’m an architecture student, and Im trying to find a aerial view of Amsterdam that shows the roads but has no labels on them. Is this possible with google earth or google maps? Does anyone know of a autocad or rhino file that has this?

Administrator answers:

In Google Earth – Look in the LAYERS panel on the left.

UNCHECK the PRIMARY DATABASE. All lines, labels will be switched off.

Within the PRIMARY DATABASE – you can selectively switch on and off between boundaries, town names, etc also.

In Google Maps : On the right side is an icon of the world. Hover over it. A dropdown will indicate LABELS. Switch that off.

Hope that helps

David asks…

How can I get the GPS in my 8130 to work with google maps?

I have a verizon blackberry pearl 8130, and when I try to use google maps with it the GPS won’t work I have read that Verizon has tried to make it so you can only use GPS with the VZ navigator but my question is how can I hack through this? What do I need to change? What file would be associated with this block I am descent at editing files on my computer, but need to know where they are.

Administrator answers:

There actually is no hack for this. This has been discussed thoroughly in many BlackBerry forums and there is not a way around it. You would either have to subscribe to VZNavigator, which would unlock the GPS for other programs, or purchase an external Bluetooth GPS device and use that with Google Maps.

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