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Your Questions About Google Maps

May 28, 2013

John asks…

How do I print a map from Google Maps? I want to print a street map of Moscow, Russia from?

Google Maps. How do I print it so that all the sheets correspond to each other and can be taped together to form a whole map? Do I have to do this manually, and hope for the best, or is there a special way to do this?
Oh, and I don’t want to print out the WHOLE city of Moscow, since it’s so big that it would require many, many pages. I just want to print up to the outer ring, excluding the suburbs and other areas that I won’t be visiting.

Administrator answers:

Unfortunately Google maps aren’t really made to be printed across multiple pages, you can only print the visible area, which equates to one page, so to get the next page you would have to manually move the map area and I can’t see how you could make the different pages line up. Unless you have a phone or a tablet that will have internet access in Moscow so you can view them online, I really think the best thing would be to buy a map, there’s one here:

Lisa asks…

How can you make the Google Maps location pop-up close automatically when embedding a map in HTML?

So… I’m designing a website and want to include a google maps widget on the site. I’m using the embed code given by google maps and all is fine apart from the pop up speech bubble detailing the location, and such with the close button always appears automatically. Which disrupts the view of the map since it’s rather small and you have to scroll on the map to find the close button.

Is there anyway to have it so it doesnt appear automatically when embedding the code?

Administrator answers:

This code allows the pop up window to not appear.

Donald asks…

Why does Windows crash and show a black screen when I go on google maps?

Every time I go on google maps my computer goes to a back screen and becomes unusable. The computer is still powered on but the only light turned on is the power light and the only thing you can do is reeboot. This only happens on google maps and I can’t think of any reason why it would crash. All my drivers are up to date and my computer is free of malware.

any help really appreciated

Administrator answers:

If you use Windows 8, that might be the REAL problem. Wait until Google patches Google Maps to run properly on Windows 8.

Your Web Browser may also need to be set up properly, and, not configured to use Java Script. And, you must ONLY use the latest version of your Web Browser, and all other Apps, including Google Maps.

TIP: Try a different Web Browser (Firefox or Google Chrome), IE sucks. And, you did install Java Runtime Environment (JRE) on you PC, right?

Mary asks…

What is this about a dead body on google maps?

Aparently there is a code or something to type into google maps instead of an address and It comes up with some person dumping a dead body off a pier with blood everywhere…
Is this really true O_O

Administrator answers:


Maria asks…

How can I copy an image from something like Google Maps or MapQuest?

I need an image of the highlighted route from either Google Maps or MapQuest but the typical ‘copy image’ (from a website) option is not listed. Any help much appreciated.

Administrator answers:

In Windows:
Try doing a Alt + PrtScn (Print Screen button).
This copies the whole web page to memory. Make sure the web page has focus (in front that is)
Then Cntl + V or Edit > Paste this into either Microsoft Paint or your favorite picture editor.
Resize and Crop the picture till you get it to the image you want.

In Paint; Resize by using Stretch / Skew – put in a percentage of what you think you need in both fields.

Crop by selecting the area you want, then move that area to the top left, press ESC, then grab the bottom right of the whole image (where there is a little blue dot) then move it up to where you want to cut off what you don’t want, which will be the “bottom right” of your desired image.

Ruth asks…

when was the last time Google Maps was updated as far as streets go?

I am curious to see when the last time Google maps was updated, because it looks like it has been at least 3 or 4 years. That is not very efficient when people are looking for something that was built within the last year or 2.

Administrator answers:

It’s been a long time. Try mapquest or AAA site. Also, you might want to try google earth. So many people has & use GPS now.

Ken asks…

How to suggest a Location on Google Maps?

I used my phone and opened my GPS and by my surprise, our subdivision (where I live) is not on the Google Maps. I can see my accurate location but the name of my place was not registered. Anyone knows how so that it can now be added on the map?

Administrator answers:

Google has a site for suggesting mapping upgrades.
You can submit your suggestion to them here.



Donna asks…

Why is google maps traffic estimation so inaccurate?

Google maps indicated the travel time would be 36 minutes. It ended up being well over an hour. What is a better way to find out how long it takes to get somewhere? I don’t want to be late for an important appointment again.

Administrator answers:

Because there may be unexpected things. Such as traffic jams, Accidents, New roads, etc.

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