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Your Questions About Google Maps

June 22, 2013

James asks…

How can I use Google Maps or another system to define an area and check if an address is within it?

So I want to define certain areas on Google Maps, or any system, and then be able to take a list of addresses from Excel or some such and check to see if they fall within the defined area. Does anybody have an idea where I can start on this?

Administrator answers:

In the U.S., the Postal Service solved this particular problem decades ago with ZIP codes. Next closest competitor might be Congressional districts (the areas that a U.S. Representative actually represents). I doubt you’ll find a better way without actually organizing the data yourself.

William asks…

Is there a way to view google maps from different years?

I want to see what my house looked like in past years on a satellite view on google maps can you view is in different years?

Administrator answers:

Download Google Earth. They have a filter that will allow you to go back as far as 1930. Not everywhere but only where the images exist. For example, you can view Houston, Texas in the year 1936.

David asks…

How do you search for homes with Google Maps?

I used to use Google Maps in conjunction with other real estate websites to pinpoint where homes were located. Used to. Now, when I type in “Homes for Sale near xxxxx” or “xxxxx homes for sale” I get the locations of real estate businesses instead of homes like I used to. Why did this change, and is there a way to search differently?

Administrator answers:

Nop u cant i guess….

Ruth asks…

How do you find a walking route on google maps?

I need to find a walking route 2km on google maps and i am not sure how; i also have google earth, if that helps.



Administrator answers:

Google maps are not much cop for footpaths, you might want to investigate the software in the link below;

Regards, Bob.

Maria asks…

Alternatives to google maps for directions?

I dont know why but I find that google maps often sends you out of you way especially when there are more simplistic routes to take. Does anyone know of a more accurate service?
Other than the obvious like mapquest.

Ones that you have found to be accurate in personal experience.

Administrator answers:

Bing or mapquest

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