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Your Questions About Google Maps

July 3, 2013

Paul asks…

Is it free to use the google map app on my samsung solstice?

I have an unlimited data plan, but it keeps asking saying “data charges may apply”.

I know it costs money to use the GPS on my phone, but I downloaded Google Maps thinking I didn’t have to pay for the use…Do I?

Administrator answers:

Google Map is totally free. You just have to pay for internet connection

Mandy asks…

Is it possible to use google maps/search api to lookup a business based on an address?

I’m trying to use the google maps/search apis to find what businesses are located at a particular address. does it, but i can’t seem to find ANYTHING on the internet about how to do it.

Administrator answers:

Hi dude,
I think so you have to download google earth

Google Earth 5.0.11337.1968 (beta)

then you have to go to Layer option which is left and down side of window you go through the layer as per u r requirement it is very usefull

Oks bye TC

Ken asks…

How can i upload a particular shop in a place in google map?

Hi all,
i m running a website for showing details of different shops in a particular. I have already given a option “click here to for google map” for every shop details. But some of them, they have no google map.
Now i can to add these shops location in google map.

Could any one tell me how can i show different shops location in google map.

Please tell me briefly, step by step.


Administrator answers:

Once you are in Google Maps, follow these instructions to link to a location map from your website:

1.Enter your post/zip code in the search box.
2.Click search and wait for your map to appear.
3.On the top right-hand corner of the page, right-click on “Link to this page”,
4.Select “Copy shortcut” or you can just copy the URL from your browser’s address bar.
5.Then to add the link on your own website, type a suitable description, such as “Visit our Shop”. 6.Add a hyperlink and paste the url by right-clicking and selecting “Paste”. If you have a photo of your premises on your website, you could also add the hyperlink to the picture.

If you wish to add a business listing to Google Maps, so that you may be found in the Google Maps search results, this is quite easy:

1.On the Google Maps page, at the bottom left of the page, click on “Business Owners – Add/Edit Your Business”.
2.This takes you to the Local Business Center, and you will be asked to log in to your Google Account – if you use Google Adwords or Adsense, you can use the same email address and password.
3.Once logged in, under the “Locations” tab, click on “Add new business”.
4.Then enter your business name, and address. Make sure you enter the full postal address, as Google will send an activation PIN to the address you enter.
5.You can create separate listings for each of your business locations.
6.Click “Continue”
7.You then add your phone number, and have the option to add your email and website address, and a description of your business, which will appear on the listing found by your customers. You have 200 characters for the description, so use keywords relevant to your business.
8.You can then indicate which forms of payment your company accepts, such as American Express etc.
9.Enter your opening hours if you wish (optional).
10.Enter a contact name (this is optional and won’t appear on Google Maps).
11.Click “Continue”.
12.Select a relevant category for your listing – you may select up to 5 different categories.
13.You then see a preview of your listing and may edit it if you wish. Once you are happy with the listing, click “Continue”.
14.You now wait for up to 2 weeks for Google to send you an activation PIN. You then follow the instructions in the letter to validate your listing before it will appear in Google Maps search results.

Here is the link to get you started with Google Maps:

Lizzie asks…

Why does Google maps don’t show street view when I do the software update 2.2 for the iPhone?

I already updated my iPhone to version 2.2 and when I go to the application google maps it does not show the menu to see street view. Does anybody know why?

Administrator answers:

You need to drop a pin on the map, select the pin and a pop up should appear. On the left side there’s a red button, click on that to access street view

Donna asks…

Why won’t my Business show up on when you Google the Website and google maps?

I just created a website with Google and I also added my business to Google maps but when you Google any of the keywords I put in I get nothing it never comes up I’ve looked through countless pages. What am I doing wrong? I got a pin and they called and verified activation – Don’t know what;s causing it to not show up.

Administrator answers:

Did you submit your website sitemap to Google?
It takes Google a while to “spider” your site before it will be indexed.
If it is not indexed it will not be found period.

Doing a keyword search will not bring up your pages until you start ranking for those words and that takes time.

Have you submitted to Yahoo, Ask, Live directories?
To learn how to build a successful website business check the resource link below. Read through the site for tons of information on site building, promoting, ranking and how to earn an online income.
Good Luck to You.

John asks…

How can i convert a list of location from google maps into a spreadsheet?

I am trying to take a list from google maps (drug stores in chicago illinois) and convert it into a spreadsheet ….easily of course!! : )

Administrator answers:

On this page you’ll get
the requested information.


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