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Your Questions About Google Maps

July 10, 2013

Charles asks…

How I can determine the altitude I am viewing a Google map from?

I am looking for the Altitude, which is how far above ground the Google map is viewed from. Elevation is ground level above sea level.

Administrator answers:

Google Maps does not seem to give you that information. However, Google Earth gives you eye altitude of your current view, on the bottom right corner of the interface. It also gives you elevation from sea level of the point of your mouse cursor at the ground.

Sandy asks…

how do you tell google maps to update a certain part of their map?

The road that I take to and from work everyday is missing from google maps. how do I tell them to update that road?

Administrator answers:

You don’t. You wait til they drive in your area. You think the Google map fleet is going to cater to you personally?

Michael asks…

How do we site google maps in a research paper?

We took a screen shot of a picture on google maps and used it to show a location we’re studying for a research project. Now we’re thinking we need to site where we got the picture from… but we don’t know how to site google maps specifically. Any advice?

Administrator answers:

Here is a little help:

Sharon asks…

Can I legally include links to Google Maps in my commercial Web Site?

Depending on what subscribers choose they end up getting a list of company names. I can use a URL to link each company to a Google Map. Is that OK with Google? (So far I haven’t been able to find anyone at Google to ask this question to.)

Administrator answers:

Yes, this is legal. I am aware of a few people that either link to yahoo or google map. I am not certain if there is any kind of arrangement with google or yahoo.

Paul asks…

When you get directions from Google Maps, do they assume you’re driving the speed limit?

For example, if I get directions from google maps, how fast do they assume i’m driving? If it estimates my highway trip to be 3 and a half hours, is it under the presumption that I’m going 65? Should I expect to arrive earlier than the estimated time if I usually average between 75-79 on the highway?

Administrator answers:

They also consider traffic so you could be faster without speeding.

Helen asks…

How to find gps coordinates on google maps from a cell phone photo?

I have a pic and I would like to know where it was taken… can this be done? can you do it in Google maps? HELP!!!!

Administrator answers:

It depends on the phone used, the settings on the phone when the photo was taken and whether the photo has been edited since.

Google for EXIF data viewer. That will find you applications that can read the extra information included in the photo. Give it the photo and see if there is a longitude and latitude included in the information. If so just copy and past them into google maps and it will show you the location.

If those fields aren’t included with the photo then locating the location where the photo was taken is still theoretically possible but for now at least not realistically doable.

William asks…

How can I access maps saved by the public, in google maps?

Is there any list of all of the maps, saved by the public (under My Maps), that are stored in google maps? I’m especially interested in various maps relating to San Diego parking and transportation. How can I even find these? Thanks…..

Administrator answers:


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