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Your Questions About Google Maps

July 12, 2013

Paul asks…

How can i find myself on google maps without having to search for myself?

Well i have a gum infection and i wanna get back home and i dunno where i am, how can i pinpoint my location on google maps?
im at a friends house and i dont know how to get back to my house, cant google maps just lock on to your position like GPS?

Administrator answers:

Just start clicking on the map, (like click the state, around the area your in, the town, find your place)

Betty asks…

Is there a way you can set google maps to avoid motorways when using directions?

Basically I have a scooter and I like using google maps when I am going somewhere unfamiliar but when I look up directions they keep trying to take me on the motorway which is illegal for a scooter driver with only a provisional learners licence so are there any apps or hard to find settings that you can use that gives you the option to select what types of roads to travel on/not travel on?

Administrator answers:

Hi Some satellite navigation units have the facilities to remove motorways from a preferred route.

Lizzie asks…

How can I find out the house number on google maps?

How can I find out the house number of a house I see on google maps? I know the street, town, and state, but i am trying to find out the house number.

Administrator answers:

(for computer) If you know exactly where it is, use satellite to see it easier, right click the location and press “What’s Here?”
(for iPhone/iPod) use satellite to see it easier, then tap and hold to drop a pin.

Donna asks…

How do I go into panoramic pictur mode on google maps on my iPhone?

Well i have an iPhone 3gs and i don’t know how to get my phone to go into panoramic picture mode in google maps. you know what i mean were you can look at a house as if you are standing in front of it. Please help!!!

Administrator answers:

Make sure that the location you would like to look at HAS the panoramic street view image. If not, try a different location. Many parts of the U.S. Have street view images, but not everywhere yet.

Drop the purple pinpoint at a roadway location OR enter an address. If the purple pin or the red pin has an orange-colored icon that isn’t greyed out, along with the address, you can tap on that icon to initiate street view. Tap “Done” to return to the regular maps.

David asks…

What disused sites can be seen on Google maps street view?

I’m one of the odd people that like to look at pictures of derelict buildings, disused railway stations, abandoned villages, etc. I have no idea why I have an obsession with such a weird thing but I do. :/

Does anyone know whether I can see any such places on Google maps street view?

UK site preferably but I’ll also welcome worldwide sites. Thanks.
I never dare go in them. I’m actually quite nervous about dilapidated buildings so I am no idea why I am obsessed too. No, I just like looking at pictures.

Administrator answers:

The Longbridge car plant where they built the MG Rover is one that comes to mind. They also used to build Peugeot’s in the Stoke area of Coventry and that has closed down.

I’m sure that with closure of many factories moving abroad you will be able to find a few of these in the UK!


Battersea Power Station is one that has always fascinated me.


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