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Your Questions About Google Maps

July 17, 2013

Thomas asks…

Finding a picture of jointing and a picture of a gully on Google maps?

For Geomorphology I need to find a picture of jointing and a picture of a gully on Google maps and write about it but I have no idea what to put into Google maps for it to work. Can anyone help me out please?

Administrator answers:

From the air a jointing would probably be indicated where a river suddenly changes direction. It would have to be a young river without established meandering patterns.

A gully should be easy. Look out on the great plains or in a desert are near a stream or river bed. I just went out and looked, and found many in the Mohave desert.

Sandra asks…

Would it be possible to sue google for not blurring out my license plate on google maps?

I was browsing Google maps and I came across my licence plate not being blurred out, whilst the others around it where. I was just wondering if I could sue Google for this.

Administrator answers:

You certainly can. Whether it would be wise to do so is a moot point. Litigation costs money. You have to prove that the action caused you suffering in some way. Since your licence plate is in the public domain I doubt whether a court would award sufficient damages to cover your costs. So, personally, I would not take the chance. You may take a different view of course.

Joseph asks…

What is the speed on the walking time for google maps?

I always take the time it says with a pinch of salt as I seem to get to places at half the speed google maps claims it will take. Is it really quite slow or am just a weirdly fast walker?!

Administrator answers:

Just calculate (distance / estimated time) to find out how fast Google expects the average person will walk. For example, the estimated Google-time for the walk from my house to the nearest Kroger supermarket is 23 minutes. The distance is 1.2 miles. So the calculated speed is about 275 feet per minute.

I can walk this in 17 minutes, or 372.7 feet per minute (or 6.2 feet per second). Of course, if you’re in a country that uses metric measurements, you’ll do your measurements metrically. You’re not abnormally fast, the rest of the world is just slow.

Lizzie asks…

How to up load a location in Google maps ?

i want to up load a location(car dealer) in google maps through mobile how to do it

Administrator answers:

Go to your mobile browser if you have an iphone for example it will be safari.
Once you have opened the browser type in
Once you have opened this type in the address of the location you would like to see in the search bar.
If you need directions click the get directions and fill in some extra details button if you want to see the place close up click in zoom until it shows you like your looking at a photograph or if you would like to see it as a melways view click zoom until your happy with the view. You can also use arrows to navigate around the location.

Robert asks…

How can I make a link to star my location in Google Maps?

I want to put a link on my website that people can use to add our location to their google maps, and possible be able to text the location to their cell phone.

How can I do it?

Administrator answers:

What do you mean? To place a link in an email or something, just bring up the map you want and copy whatever is in the address bar, then paste it to the email. To do this, you just left click, hold and drag the mouse across the address until it all turns blue. Then right click on it and choose “copy”. Then when you have the page open that you want to paste it on, right click again and choose “paste”.
If you are trying to make a link to it on the menu bar, go to the page you want and left click on “favorites” (it should be a star on your menu bar, under or over the address bar) and choose “add this to favorites). Hope this helps.

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