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Your Questions About Google Maps

July 22, 2013

Richard asks…

Anyway to create a google map with multiple start and end points?

I am looking to create a map of all the locations I have driven on road trips all on one map. Is there a way to do this with google maps that would save the total distance driven and routes, etc?

Administrator answers:

Yes its possible.

Open Google maps.

Locate the area that you are interested in.

In the top bar click on MYPLACES

In the new panel, click on CREATE MAP.

In the new panel on the left, enter a title and description. Choose the appropriate PRIVACY settings.

Now in the right panel, should be the area that you are interested in. If this is not visible, just scroll around.

In the amap window, there will be three icons – HAND – PIN – LINE.

Click on the line and choose – DRAW A LINE ALONG ROADS.

Now click on the map where you want to start…the line will be drawn along a road of your choice.

Thats it.

After you are done make sure to save the map.

Hope that helps

John asks…

How do i save a google map image street view of my house on my android?

I found a neat image of our house before we bought on Google maps. I would like to save it to my android for a before and after photo.

Administrator answers:

If you have the latest google maps you can find an option in the menu that says save map

Daniel asks…

What happened to google maps in the UAE?

I just went to find a place in Dubai on google maps and noticed the zoomed in map is low quality and very dark, and also there is no street view for the whole of the United Arab Emirates. I’m positive the last time I looked it had normal high quality maps and street view. So what happened?
I’ve checked the browser and google earth and it’s the same for both.

It’s not remote or militarized, it’s a street on the Palm Jumeira. I’ve seen it on google in brighter higher quality and with street view, maybe last year some time.

Here’s the link to what I’m looking at.,55.130789&spn=0.002812,0.004823&sll=25.123809,55.128477&sspn=0.002812,0.006866&oq=al+ya&t=h&hnear=Al+Yabri+-+The+Palm+Jumeira+-+Dubai+-+United+Arab+Emirates&z=18

Administrator answers:

Were you using their software or web browser , perhaps they are now limiting hi res to paying customers .

Just tried it again in my browser the zoom works all the way to [+] level. Also street view working.
May be you were looking at a remote or military sensitive area , Google limits high res pictures of such places, I don’t know?

Can’t be sure what you are talking about though until you post the map link [copy "8link"]

Linda asks…

How do I put my own picture in a google maps frame and make scripts with it?

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to develop a browser game. There’s a big map with some cities, linked with eachother through roads and rivers (you probably know what I mean).
Currently this map is the background of a div, and inside this div there are other divs at special locations, on which you can click to get information about these cities.

Earlier I’ve seen it’s possible that people put their own pictures (maps) inside the google maps frames. It appears to be possible to add your own map to the google maps frame and add custom markers on it. However, I can’t find out how the people did this, though…

Could someone give me a hint, sample or good alternative to make such a framed interface?

Thanks in advance :)

Administrator answers:

Adding pictures in Google Maps:

Carol asks…

How do i find an address off of a google maps location/street view?

I have a friend from a long while back and i would like to contact him again. Ive lost both his phone number and his address but i can find it on google maps i just cannot get a specific address. Is there anyway to get a specific house address off of google maps I’d like to mail him.

Administrator answers:

Just plug in the street name and it should give each address as you go along the street.

Ruth asks…

How can I find the Great Wall of China on Google Map?

I’ve been trying to find the Great Wall for a long time on Google Map, but I just can’t find it! Is it because the resolution of the image is bad on that area? Or is it because it is too small? (I heard you can see it from the moon!) Can anybody help me please?

Administrator answers:

In Google map, you can type in “Great Wall of China” and the map will will show you the location for the Great Wall of China. But you can not zoom in to the detail level. The image is simply not available on the map site. If you switch to view in satellite mode, you can a tiny shadow of the wall.

Lizzie asks…

How do Google Maps take pictures at your front door that you don’t even know it?

Just out of curiosity, i was trying to find my grandparents house on Google Maps to see what might come up, then i saw both of my grandparents are in the picture and totally unaware that their picture had been taken…that just creppy, cos you never know when they might take your picture in front of your door.

Administrator answers:

It is called google street view. They drove around in these cars with cameras on top and took pictures as they drove. You can contact google to blur their faces out if you want.

Nancy asks…

Can i find the distance between two points on google maps?

i live nea a street that’s just a big circle, i wanna know the distance of the circle, can i do that on google maps?

Administrator answers:

Yes u can go to google map and click on direction..u will see two blocks..just mention the names and it will show u the distance.

Sandra asks…

How can I display our google address map image on our contact us page on the website?

I have noticed some companies get a small image of their google maps and include it on their contact us page, I tried to search for our address and copy the image but it does not let you copy it.

can you please describe how it is done?

Administrator answers:

Embed Google Maps in your HTML page instead of putting the image on it.
1. Open Google Maps,
2. Enter your desired address,
3. Then, click on ‘Link’ on the upper right part of the Google Maps page
4. Copy the HTML code and paste it to your page, or click on Customize and preview embedded map to further customize your map.

Hope this helps.

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