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Your Questions About Google Maps

July 26, 2013

Chris asks…

Is there a proven method to capture a picture off of YouTube or Google maps?

Every once in awhile when I am watching a video on YouTube during the video I would really like to capture a scene. When I am visiting Google Maps and see a certain place where I grew up and want to capture the moment, is there a proven way to do it and save the pic as a jpeg just for personal use?
@ Drake, I don’t have a Mac but thanks for answering.

Administrator answers:

If you have a mac take a screenshot: command+shift+4

Ken asks…

How to display an image with Google Maps?

I want to display an image using the Google Maps API. How do I do this?

Note: I want to display this image using the API, AS a layer, but not ON a Google Maps layer!

Administrator answers:

For the desired purpose you need to download google application interface onto your computer that you could be able to watch the images..

Joseph asks…

How can I turn a google map with multiple addresses into a list?

I know how to turn a list into a map. But I made a google map with about 40 addresses, and now I want just the text of those addresses.

Administrator answers:

Try Google Support. It’ll work really well.

William asks…

What is this on google maps off the coast of Long Beach?

I have found this strange area on google maps, it is about two miles off shore. It looks like some old ruins. It is under the water about 2.5 miles off the coast. It appears to be about 1 mile long by .25 miles wide. It is located at 33.669818,-118.229413

Administrator answers:

It does look like definite outlines, but I cannot find anything relating to it.

Lizzie asks…

How to tag your home in google maps?

I located my home in google map/earth. I want to tag my home then save it as a word document. I have tried also to simply copy the screen by pressing ctrl+print screen. I right click to copy and save but still no luck. Thanks in advance.

Administrator answers:

Don’t Press Ctrl+Print Screen, Press only Print Screen and past it in to doc..

All the best.

Michael asks…

How do I get my business listed in google maps?

I don’t know how to get the full advantage out of Google Maps.
I’m listed, but other business in my town are visible always, mine only when someone is looking for it.
how come? thanks.

Administrator answers:

Im an SEO consultant send me an email at BeauWaddington [at] I can help you

Linda asks…

How long does it take for Google Maps to upload new Street View?

In September, the google maps street view car drove down my street. i want to know how long it takes for them to upload the updated street view? thanks

Administrator answers:

If the car actually captured images from your street then it’s usually up in a couple of weeks. They have a system where it maps the image to the roads automatically. My street was done within 2 weeks. The car may not have been capturing images from your street, it may have been passing. If it did capture images, but there was an issue with the images it captured they may have to do it again.

If there is already an image of your street in Google street view it’s unlikely to be updated unless it needs to be.

Sandy asks…

How can i download the google maps of India in my mobile Nokia C5-03, How can i use it off line ?

OVI Maps is still not having detailed maps of smaller towns. Can i Use the google maps with navigation & voice guidance?

Administrator answers:

Go to nokia website & search documentation !!

Ruth asks…

how often are the satellite pictures on google maps updated?

Just wondering, how often are the satellite pictures on google maps updated? because I wonder if something my friend and i put on this one street (a trail of tape) is still there. it shows it in the picture. so how often are they updated?

Administrator answers:

They’re updated nearly all the time, but it takes a few years for Google to get round everywhere, so it could be 2-3 years before your area is updated.

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