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Your Questions About Google Maps

August 2, 2013

Chris asks…

How do i use panoramic pictur mode on google maps on my iphone?

Well i have an iPhone 3gs and i don’t know how to get my phone to go into panoramic picture mode in google maps. you know what i mean were you can look at a house as if you are standing in front of it. Please help!!!

Administrator answers:

No clue!!!

Mary asks…

How do you take a snapshot on google maps?

I need to take a snapshot from google maps of brazil as it will get me a higher grade in my geography project but i don’t know how.

Administrator answers:

Just view whatever it is you want to view and press the “Prt ScrnSysRq” key to the right of F12.
This will put an screenshot of your entire screen onto the clipboard. Paste it into mspaint or photoshop. You can then crop it down to the important bits.

Ruth asks…

How can I stop the google map div element from moving the position of my web page?

Hi there, I have placed a google map into a how to find us section on a webpage I am making, but when I put the

element for it in there, the whole web page shifts to the left by a few pixels. I have tried different positioning on it but nothing seems to help.
How can I fix this problem?

Administrator answers:


it seems more a problem of styles than HTML programming (check the margin, padding and border properties as they are displayed differently in the different browsers).

Also, don’t take this question bad, I know it can sound really silly: is the page shifting to the left because the vertical scroll-bar is shown? (this woukd be a problem in Firefox only, not in IE).

It would be easier to find out the problem if we could see the page, could you put a link to the website?


Daniel asks…

How can I locate my phone from using an app or using Google Maps?

I’m not so sure where my phone went but the last place i saw it was in the bus shelter and on the bus. I would like to track my phone using a dependable app with my friend’s phone or use Google Maps. Please help me on how I can track it and/or retrieve it.

Administrator answers:

I am afraid it is hard to tracked it without any tracking app like plan b, find my android etc installed on the phone. It is better for you to contact your carrier and see if they can help and report it to your local police.
Learn the lesson and be careful in the future. Some free anti-theft seems to be useful. I know iLostFinder ( for iphone. You may google those which can work on other mobile phones.

Linda asks…

Is there a way to combine your My Maps in Google Maps?

I have different maps on Google Maps: My Maps so is there a way for me to combine them?

Administrator answers:

Save your “My Maps” as .kml files and download them into Google Earth. Then just check off all the files you want just like you would with regular layers and they’ll all display on the globe concurrently.

If the maps absolutely have to be in one file, you could possibly put the layers into one folder and then use the folder for your purposes. That’s how the various Solar System layers work, IIRC — they store all the textures in one big folder and you choose which ones to display.

David asks…

How can I link Google Maps with address book in Excel?

I was wondering how I could look up an address in Google Maps and link all my contact addresses to the map and see who is 15 miles, 20 miles, or 25 miles from the destination location. For example, if I were to go to Chicago, I want to know who, from my address book, lives 15 miles away from the place I am visiting in Chicago.

Administrator answers:

Right above the map there will be something that says link to this page. Click that and copy and paste the link in the first box.

Ken asks…

How do I get a google map without the arrow?

I want a google map of a satellite image of a place, but don’t want that big arrow sticking out of the middle. Is there a way I can do this?

Administrator answers:

Find where you want on Google Earth and zoom in as close as you can for maximum detail then select save (or Print Page – option 2).

2 options here:

Save the Google page as a jpg or jpeg then open it in MS Paint, remove any arrow and re-save as jpg

Select pdf asyour printer.

(If you have not got a pdf maker, download the free edition of pdf995 from the internet and install it)

Select print and you will get a .pdf of that page

James asks…

Can someone tell me how I can zoom my google maps for printing?

I love Google maps but the way it is formatted for printing it wastes a lot of page space and it the streets are show very small. How can I blow it up and use up more of the page to make the maps easier to read? My Boss has done this for me at work but I want to do it myself.

Administrator answers:

When you hit print from the map there should be a zoom bar to get to your required size if not try this trick

Zoom in to the required size and maximize as big as you can to the screen. Hit the buttons ALT (keeping it pressed down) then PRINT SCREEN button. Open a new word document right mouse click and paste into the new word document (or Microsoft Paint program). Here you can resize and manipulate the picture and print it to the size you want

good luck

George asks…

How can I make a google map that shows out Affiliates nation wide.?

You know how franchise stores have the ability to make a map search using google maps.

Administrator answers:

Go to Google Places and log into your Google account

Add your locations in there or upload from an excel sheet if you have to add many locations.

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