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Your Questions About Google Maps

August 4, 2013

George asks…

Does the google map function on the Android Eris talk?

Ever since I’ve gotten my new phone, I’ve missed the VZ navigator the old line of phones had to offer. Now I have to deal with Google maps and it is very hard to drive and constantly check your phone to where you are going… Is there a way for the google maps to give you directions verbally from the phone like a normal GPS navigator? Thanks in advance.

Administrator answers:

The Droid Eris does not currently offer voice navigation – or navigation at all. Just basic Google Maps.

The Motorola Droid does have voice navigation incorporate with Google Maps

This feature is only available with Android 2.0 and greater, which the Motorola has. Currently, the Droid Eris is at 1.5, and hoping that Verizon will release an update for the Droid Eris (I have the Eris).

Mary asks…

how to get internet and google maps working on samsung tocco lite?

the internet has never worked before, google maps used when i first bought the phone but now it just says loading and nothing comes up.


Administrator answers:

Ricky Jingles down at the corner of Wilshire and Crenshaw can help you. Just buy him a Super Slam Jam platter at Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles and he’ll tell you what you need.

Chris asks…

What is the code for googles maps Geolocation?

What is the web coding for the option where google maps asks you for your location is. also how do you implement the code?

Administrator answers:

The Geolocation API allows web apps to retrieve the user’s current position. The API should provide the following features:

1: One-shot position requests (e.g. For recommendations sites — “where am I right now?”)
2: Repeated position updates (e.g. For continuously updating one’s location on a map)
3: Ability to get the last-known position cheaply before doing an expensive new request
4: Compatibility with future use as a singleton in the standard DOM (e.g. Window.geolocation)

The following example attempts to determine the user’s location through the W3C navigator.geolocation property first, attempts a Google Gears approach second, and bails out if neither approach works.

// Note that using Google Gears requires loading the Javascript
// at

var initialLocation;
var siberia = new google.maps.LatLng(60, 105);
var newyork = new google.maps.LatLng(40.69847032728747, -73.9514422416687);
var browserSupportFlag = new Boolean();

function initialize() {
var myOptions = {
zoom: 6,
mapTypeId: google.maps.MapTypeId.ROADMAP
var map = new google.maps.Map(document.getElementById(“map_canvas”), myOptions);

// Try W3C Geolocation (Preferred)
if(navigator.geolocation) {
browserSupportFlag = true;
navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition(function(position) {
initialLocation = new google.maps.LatLng(position.coords.latitude,position.coords.longitude);
}, function() {
// Try Google Gears Geolocation
} else if (google.gears) {
browserSupportFlag = true;
var geo = google.gears.factory.create(‘beta.geolocation’);
geo.getCurrentPosition(function(position) {
initialLocation = new google.maps.LatLng(position.latitude,position.longitude);
}, function() {
// Browser doesn’t support Geolocation
} else {
browserSupportFlag = false;

function handleNoGeolocation(errorFlag) {
if (errorFlag == true) {
alert(“Geolocation service failed.”);
initialLocation = newyork;
} else {
alert(“Your browser doesn’t support geolocation. We’ve placed you in Siberia.”);
initialLocation = siberia;

OR try “”

Ken asks…

How can I make my HTC Sensation store google maps images?

Every time google maps / Navigation is used it downloads the map imagery afresh every time rather than remember what it has previously downloaded, this is slow and also kills my bandwidth allowance. How can I make it store (and therefore remember) the map images for all zoom levels (satellite view) ?

Administrator answers:

Get this app call chrome to phone app, and you can send everything to your phone from your p c.

Mandy asks…

How to find most optimal route passing through different points on Google Maps?


I have different points I have to pass through (with no particular order). I set all the locations on Google Map, is there any way that the map can calculate the best route for me, telling me which place I should go first, then the place after it … etc ?

Thank you

Administrator answers:


click “start r ecording”

then click on the map where you want to place the points

it will draw the best route and tell you the distance


James asks…

How do I link to a specific google map on my site?

I have a list of events on my website. I would like to add php script which turns the postcode of each event into a link to that particular postcode on google maps. ie. <a href="”>POSTCODE

Any ideas?

Administrator answers:

The only way i can think of is this:

with php create this url:

changing the zipcode in the query (here its “W11 2AY”)

and then paste that url in this code where the _______ are:

View Larger Map

with php you can prob assign that code to some container in your page

hope it helps

Helen asks…

How to put the name of your company on the google map?

I have a hotel in Ethiopia, Africa. I want tourists easily find my hotel in the Google map. How can I put the name and address of my company on the Google map? These days it is very easy to find a hotel’s address on the Google map in your smart phone. I need help on this.

Administrator answers:

I assume Google automatically finds the data in online directories.

Of course an owner verified Google Places Page is the first place they will find a business address, here’ a quick primer with a link to the application page.


Paul asks…

Can Apple be liable for removing the Google Maps from my phone?

My decision to buy my IPhone 4 was mainly because of Google Maps with its street view functionality.
Now that Apple has taken that away and given me an inferior Apple Map without my consent I feel robbed and I no longer want my phone as it no longer is the merchandise I purchased. Can I return the phone and get my money back ?

Administrator answers:

No, but you can downgrade back to iOS 5, instead of getting iOS6, because it’s useless.

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