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Your Questions About Google Maps

August 10, 2013

John asks…

Is there a way to display street names of foreign countries in English when using Google Maps?

I am using Google Maps and searching for streets in Thailand. Unfortunately the street names are displayed in Thai language, not English. Is there a way to view them in English?

Administrator answers:

Use Google Earth, there is an option there to show street name, but i don’t know if Thailand is included, because the current version, not all countries has included the street names..

David asks…

Does google maps function as mapquest in my blackberry?

I live in peru, and i want a program that will show the streets and how to get from one point to another something like a gps..if i download google maps will it work? Thanks.

Administrator answers:

Does show the streets of your city that you want to use? If it does then it will show you how to get from point A to point B, BUT google maps does not call out turn-by-turn directions or keep a lock with a gps to constantly show you where you are moving. But it’s free, so you might as well use it! :)

William asks…

Is there an online archive of old aerial photos similar to Google Maps?

Google Maps and similar services are very interesting and useful for seeing how things look now, or just about now, but are there any similar ways to look at the Earth at some specific past date (or the photo dated closest it)?

Administrator answers:

Your best bet is the USGS. I’m sure they have them but they may not be free.

Click on the link for their aerial photos.


Mandy asks…

How to add a possessive punctuation mark in javascript code for a google map description marker?

I have been adding customized markers to a google map on my website, in the marker description I need to have a word with a possessive case punctuation. What is the right combination of quotes brackets to achieve this. Adding my single ‘ quote possessive punctuation mark screws up the whole thing and gives me an error.

Administrator answers:

as in “this is my answer’s sample’s text”…

Steven asks…

Am I allowed to use screenshots of Google maps in an ebook?

Even going through their permissions quiz I can’t find an answer to this. I am creating an ebook guide to restaurants in Paris, and for each restaurant I list I want to include a map showing where it is. I don’t know if this book will ever be in print, but for now it’s just for the Kindle. Am I allowed to use Google maps for this? And if not, where can I go for a map I can use? Thanks!

Administrator answers:

From what I’ve heard you’ll be lucky to get an answer. One thought is to use OpenStreetMap, which is open-source data you can do anything with.

Maria asks…

is google maps giving the accurate distance calculation to the very last point?

We are calculating vehicle running reports by google maps. but I am not sure whether its giving the accurate distance which i am entering. Because its always giving reduced kilometers. is it a accurate method to calculate distance by google maps or its only giving approximate numbers?

Administrator answers:

I have found it to be exact whenever I calculated (In city).
But don’t rely too much..

Donna asks…

Is there any GLOBAL satellite map service independent of google maps?

I’m looking for a service that provides satellite maps of non-US locations.
Is there any other than google maps?

Administrator answers:

BingMap, MapMart, GlobalStar, DigitalGlobe, GeoEye, Satimagingcorp

Lisa asks…

how do you tell google maps to update a certain part of their map?

The road that I take to and from work everyday is missing from google maps. how do I tell them to update that road?

Administrator answers:

Go to the map in that area, right click the map where the road should be and select Report a Problem.
It will give you several options and a text box for describing the issue.


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