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Your Questions About Google Maps

August 12, 2013

Jenny asks…

How can I add a map from Google Maps to a Just Host website?

I have a website hosted by Just Host and wish to add a google map.

Administrator answers:

To add a google map to your website, you would have to insert the HTML markup for the map into the desired webpage.

An easy step by step instruction from google can be found here :

Paul asks…

How can I get two unrelated locations onto a google map?

I have two locations that aren’t related to each other and I want to have them on the same google map… how can I do this?

Administrator answers:

Without going into the Google Maps API ( ), the closest I can get to what you want is to select “My Maps” and create a new map. Do a search for one of the locations, and in the little bubble select “Save to My Maps”. Search for the next location and do the same thing. This will put placemarks onto the map you created, but it won’t show information about all of the placemarks at the same time.

Carol asks…

How to up your company’s rating on Google maps?

You know, when you go to Google Maps and type in, say, “Storage mesa arizona” it shows those red balloons in the listing on the left with letters from A and up. How do you make your business move higher up on that listing?

Administrator answers:

Provide better service to your customers.

Maria asks…

How does google map work on a non gps phone ?

How does google map show almost accurately your location and position even if you do not have a gps enabled phone ?

Administrator answers:

The phone communicates to cell towers, if it can find 3 towers in range it can tell the distance from each tower and if it knows the location of each tower, the phone can “figure out” where it is. It triangulates its position based on the strength of the cell tower signals.

Steven asks…

How do I capture the screen image of a place in street view in Google Maps?

How do I capture the screen image of a place in street view in Google Maps?

Administrator answers:

Press the “Print Screen” or “Prt sc” button on your keyboard, usually above the backspace button.
It copies your screen and puts it on your clipboard. To save the picture, go to Paint or, hit “Control + V” to paste, crop the photo to your liking, and save the picture.

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