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Your Questions About Google Maps

October 13, 2012

Donna asks…

How can I create a customizable map in Google Maps or other online mapping software?

I would like to be able to change the size of the location marker based on the number of times that an incident occurs at a given location. Is this possible within Google Maps? If not are there other resources available to accomplish this task? The parameters I am specifically looking for are no cost, no download, online services that can be shared to a select group of persons.

Administrator answers:

Google allows users to create KML (sort of like XML) that can be overlayed against the base Google Maps they provide. Duncan’s link is a good place to start. You should be able to find plenty of examples (most newspapers include police incident reports as a map overlayed against Google base maps) online.

Sandra asks…

How do I search by postcode using google maps on the palm pre?

I can’t seem to search google maps using a postcode, is there an add-on I can download for my palm pre?

Administrator answers:

Seems to work fine for me. Just type in the zip code in the google search box and it pulls up the associated city.

If you’re looking for more advanced zip code features, you should tryinstalling the homebrew apps:

zip code tools, install file coaster for easy homebrew app install
zip codes, install preware for easy homebrew app install

Mark asks…

How fast are the cars going on google maps?

On google maps it tells how to get from point a to point b, but how fast are the cars going on there?

Administrator answers:

The speed limit.

Linda asks…

How often are google maps images updated?

I saw a google maps car yesterday and am pretty sure im gonna be on google maps. Any ideas as to how long it might take for the image to come up?

Administrator answers:

Use google earth more efficient with satellite view much better then google maps…….

James asks…

How accurate are the time estimates on google maps for driving?

I am interviewing for jobs in the area and I want to know how long it would take me to drive to certain locations. If google maps says 26 minutes will it really take that long?

I think a lot of the measurements might be too low from random entries I made. I’m not sure if they account for traffic and I live in a city.

Administrator answers:

Although I love Google Maps… If i’m looking for traffic just before a trip, I use… Link:

Start by typing in your current location and then get directions to the next.. Once you have been given your route list/direction to destination, take a look at the bottom of the list to “check box” the “Use Clearflow to route based on traffic”..

This may give you the best idea of time with traffic at the current time…

To answer your question though, I’d say pretty accurate using posted speed limits on the various levels of streets and highways… But of course it’s usually the best case, free of slow traffic…

Maria asks…

How to add tagged google maps in websites?

I have an estate agent client who would like a new feature on their website. They already have a form where they are creating new property listings but now they also require to be able to plot the propery on google maps and make it available on the property detail page for the visitors. Any idea on how this task can be accomplished ?

Administrator answers:

Put a link to the google maps search.

Sandy asks…

How to create something like Google Maps for a website?

How does Google Maps work and how would I need to get something like that on a website I’m starting.

Also, I understand Navteq sells map and has a similar online map like Google has. Is it possible to somehow forge a partnership with them?

Administrator answers:

You can license the Google Maps API, to use their maps for your online project.

Otherwise, simply, they are either pre-rendered PNG tiles of various zoom levels, or they are rendered on the fly from raw map data, delivered as PNG tiles, either as the browser requests them.

Paul asks…

How can i get google maps to use my gps on my Nokia E71?

I would like google maps to pin point my location by using my phones gps. I’ve heard it can be done but I don’t know how. Thanks.
I already have google maps I just need to make it work with my phones gps.

Administrator answers:

Go to

otherwise use the ovi maps already on the e71.

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