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Your Questions About Google Maps

August 23, 2013

Paul asks…

How to upload names and addresses on my Google map?

I’d like to load about 100 addresses of friends to my google map. I only know how to do this one-by-one. Is there a way to upload 100 names and addresses all at once?

Administrator answers:

For that you have to need to follow given instructions..

1. Go to and click on “Sign Up!” Fill out the fields and click “Submit Registration.” Once your account has been successfully created, click “Continue.”

2. If you already have a Gmail or Google account, select the first option and click “Continue.” If not, follow the instructions to create an account and click “Continue.” When you are prompted with the “Access Request,” click “Grant access.”

3. To use map a list, you need to have your address list stored in a Google spreadsheet. If you have an address list in a Microsoft Excel file, you can convert it to a Google spreadsheet by logging into Google Docs ( and clicking “Upload” to locate and upload your Excel file. If you do not yet have an address list spreadsheet, create one in Google Docs by clicking “New” and choosing “Spreadsheet.” For each address, enter all the geographic information in one cell (street address, city, state, ZIP code, etc).

4. Follow the instructions to choose your map source from your list of Google spreadsheets. You may have to make some changes if the program can’t figure out which fields from your Google spreadsheet contain the addresses to plot. You can also choose which columns from your Google spreadsheet should be used to display information on the map points (such as guest names). Continue making any necessary adjustments and proceeding through the setup. When you are finishing making adjustments, click “Save & View Map.”

5. Your map has been created and displayed below. You can click “Share Map” at the bottom to e-mail Web address or get the embed code so you can post it on a blog or Web site. To add or update addresses on your map, log into the Google spreadsheet to make changes, which will update your map every hour.

Want online help for it you have here

Lisa asks…

What is this CREEPY image at google maps on street view?

1. Open Google Maps

2.Search 47.110579,9.227568 (just copy it) and then paste it on search box.

3.Click on the green arrow in the map and then click on “Street View”

4. Scroll around and point to the sky and look for what is on the sky. And try to look for yourself.

Administrator answers:

Looks like a couple in wedding clothes (dress, suit.)

Daniel asks…

how to put up your address in the google maps ?

this hspital of mine, i want it to be on google maps when anyone checks the landscape. what to do about it ?

Administrator answers:


Very Easy. (local listing in Google)
Go>> add there your site profile/services/office-time etc.>and submit.

See your add look like this:

Sandy asks…

How to create your own google map with some picture in it?

How to create your own google map with some picture in it? That its not whole world in maps but some other image.

Administrator answers:

Try to download google earth.

you can save the picture from there.

Laura asks…

How do I add another destination to Google Maps?

How do I add another destination to a saved map on google maps?

Administrator answers:

Did you go to You should be able to click “get directions” near the top-left corner. There it should have a text box for point A and another for point B. Below the text boxes is a link to click titled “Add Destination”. After clicking that it will show a point C with a text box beside it. I really hope this helps! :)

Ken asks…

Is there a car GPS device which can load google maps?

I have a blaupunkt travelpilot. Can I load google maps? Or any other GPS device which supports google maps? What about Garmin? How will I load google maps to it?

Administrator answers:

Google Maps lets BMW, Ford and GM owners send destinations to their cars’ navigation systems remotely.

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