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Your Questions About Google Maps

August 26, 2013

Donna asks…

How Can I Install Google Maps onto My Nokia 6101 ?

I have a “Nokia 6101″ & when I try downloading or installing the latest Google Maps,It give me a message “File to large to be saved”.I have installed a previous verion of Google Maps(1.3.0),but can not get that veriosn to work on my phone.Anyone with information on how to get Google Maps to work on my phone “Nokia 6101″ would be greatly appreciated.

Administrator answers:

Try removing the old one first or removing other programs. Or, get a memory card and save it onto that (if your phone has a memory card slot).

Carol asks…

Cars are not allowed on the El Monte Busway; why does Google Maps say otherwise?

When I asked Google Maps for directions, it said to drive a car on the El Monte Busway. This is not allowed. Why does Google Maps say to do it?

Administrator answers:

Who told cars were not allowed, they are allowed but you have be in a carpool of 3 or more passengers

Helen asks…

Why do big structures on google maps freak me out?

I sort of freak out when looking at the angel of the north on google maps. I dont know why, but like when the curtains are closed i imagine its big face outside the window and it scares me. Its the same like when i look at the eiffel tower. I typed it in and it came up really zoomed in, and when i realised i zoomed out straught away, but it made me jump? Why is this with big structures? They dont scare me in real life, just on google maps?

Administrator answers:

How old are you? May be it has to do with your age.

Daniel asks…

Why does Bush deny Area 51 even exists when you can see it from Google Maps?

He denys that the facillity doe’snt even exist! But you can see it on satellight on Google Maps. Why is he denying something so easy to see?
I do hope you know that there ARE space/spy planes their that look like something out of a Sci-FI movie.

Administrator answers:

Bush is most likely referring to Area 51 involvment with UFO and alien speculation.

There’s no doubt he would at least acknowledge the mere existence of the facility.

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